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Bus270 - Assignment Example

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The company’s role in providing mobility is changing since the environment is changing every single day and the strategies in achieving the everyday goals must also change in the same way as the environment changes. The changes in the economy and the human desire mean that…
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Extract of sample "Bus270"

Leadership Questions al Affiliation Due The company’s role in providing mobility is changing since the environment is changing every single day and the strategies in achieving the everyday goals must also change in the same way as the environment changes. The changes in the economy and the human desire mean that we as a company must also change in the way we relate to the customers’ needs.
2. The difference today is that the employee is given an opportunity to give their input contrary to what it had been in the past when the employee would be asked, why he is doing that rather than helping the employee through the act. Today’s approach is hands free, the leader leaves the employee to be creative, inclusiveness is taken as important and everyone’s act is supported. What can we do to help rather than what is this.
3. Connection of the organization and the environment takes place through understanding the customer more than the competitor. Increasing sales will rely on how well the business caters for the customer needs rather than how they combat competition. It is important to understand what is changing through the weekly business plan review and ensuring all the data and research is used to change the policy in relation to the changing environment.
4. A) Ford as a global organization has a single plan that is global and that is built on the mission, One Ford Plan that is achieved through the One Ford Team. The team is working for more than themselves and they have stayed focused on their work. This has ensured that they are always global on the needs of the customers. The efforts are only made global through a team belief that is engaged in the mission of One Ford Plan.
B) Business plan review is a weekly meeting that involves all the leaders who come together to look at the world environment changes. It looks at the risks and the opportunities in the current market environment. It provides a platform from which the financial statement data is analyzed and changes can be made depending on how the research will have provided as a proper fact that ought to be changed.
C) TBM refers to the ability of the leadership to see the dynamism of the environment and create ideas that will be important to change the future.
5. a) The company understands that the future is not bright with the increasing price of energy, especially in terms of petroleum and they believe that it would become difficult for the product to be brought to the market, and the society has decided to go for the alternative sources of energy. The company has also decided to create vehicles that range from gasoline consumers to the diesel user and the natural gases.
b) Characteristic of self led individual refers to those exhibited by an individual with the ability create a honest environment around themselves. When things go wrong around them they can be able to stand with the decision as that which that they believe in.
c) Being authentic to who you are means that you stand by that decision which you believe in even when things are not going right. Authentic is being the original self without the influence of the people or decisions around one.
Leading the 21st century; an interview with Ford’s Alan Mullally Read More
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Bus270 Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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