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Leadership Foundational and Critical Perspective - Research Paper Example

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This paper "Leadership Foundational and Critical Perspective" is an attempt to assess a psychological possibility in leadership and its impact on an organization. It discusses trait theories of personality to gauge the constraints that a person might pose on the face of effective leadership…
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Leadership Foundational and Critical Perspective
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Extract of sample "Leadership Foundational and Critical Perspective"

Download file to see previous pages  Leadership in an organization is characterized by taking going before, initiatives, setting examples and showing ways to an organization in a holistic manner. Organizations, today, in an extremely competitive business environment heavily rely on leadership and their role. The goals that are expected to be set by the leadership of an organization can either by humanitarian or entrepreneurial. The level in a hierarchy, leadership exists should instill passion and sense of purpose to work which is organization undertakes. Thus for Human Resource managers, it is an important task to hunt such individuals. Human Resource Management is thus concerned with identification, development, and sustenance of leadership in an organization. Structure of an organization is dependent on the type of business field and its standing on the type of economic activity it performs. Leaders of these organizations are entrusted with efficiency and affectivity tasks of various tiers of an organization. Organs that constitute purview of a leader solicit his input, judgment, and accountability. It is not possible for them to work as the stand-alone unit. The systems are so designed that they might act as internal customers of an organization. These internal customers need directives that must follow all along supervision of leader. From individual-employee satisfaction to organizational behavior role of leaders have a profound effect on the employee. Leadership has many important aspects that are important for an organization.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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