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Capital One 360 - PowerPoint Presentation Example

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the flowchart shows the steps using boxes of different kinds. The order of the steps is shown through the use of arrows that connect the boxes. the diagrammatic representation is used to…
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Extract of sample "Capital One 360"

Lecturer Flow chart A flow chart refers to a type of diagram for representing process, workflow or algorithm. the flowchart shows the steps using boxes of different kinds. The order of the steps is shown through the use of arrows that connect the boxes. the diagrammatic representation is used to show a solution to a particular problem. Therefore, flowcharts are utilized for analyzing, documenting, designing ot managing a program ot a process in different fields. The flow charts help in visualization of what is happening and in that case, help the people understand a given process and find bottlenecks, flaws as well as other less-obvious characteristics.
Start and end symbols are shown by rectangles, ovals or circles. Flow of control is shown by arrows. parallelogram represents input/output. Decision or conditional is represented by rhombus or diamond. in the flow chart given, decisions are made at first flow operations, second floor operations, third flow operations and fourth floor operations. the decisions made in the first flow operations affect the employee check in, the café and the second floor operations. Decisions are also made in the café. These decisions affect the work out center and the public meeting room. The decisions made in the second floor affects the sales call employees, the sales director office and the third floor. the process will flow from sale director to document processing rrom. the processes will also flow from the sales call employees to check filter. Read More
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“Capital One 360 PowerPoint Presentation Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words”, n.d.
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