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Operational Definition Process - Assignment Example

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The paper "Operational Definition Process" discusses that the reliability of an instrument can be said to be the accuracy in determining the variable to measure and the accuracy in measuring them. A reliable instrument gives accurate measurements while a valid instrument measures the right thing…
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Operational Definition Process
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Extract of sample "Operational Definition Process"

# What is meant by operational definition?
An operational definition is a process used to determine the presence or quantity of something with the help of validation tests used to define that thing. This is where a thing is defined by operations that can be used as its measuring units (Golafshani, 2003). A good example of an operational definition is the use of numbers to determine the weight of an object. The weight of something is said to be the number reflected on the weighing scale when that thing is placed on it.
# When is it necessary?
An operational definition is a necessary process in research if the variables to be measured during the research are hard to determine or to measure (Golafshani, 2003). For example, it is easy to determine the variables if their differences are visible such as male and female variables but very hard to determine when the variables are not visible such as honesty.
#Why is it necessary?
According to Golafshani (2003), the main reason why the operational definition is an important aspect, in defining things, is because it helps avoid cases of conflicting definitions of variables, terms or objects. Additionally, it gives the researcher control over the variables being researched on.
# "A valid instrument is always reliable but a reliable instrument may not always be valid" Comment?
Research that uses instrument that focuses on the right variables will give more effective results as compared to an accurate instrument that does not focus on the right variables.
#What are internal and external validity and name the threats they stand exposed to?
Internal validity focuses on factors that may affect participants such as maturation, regression, testing, experimental mortality, instrumentation, history, selection, and interaction of threats. On the other hand, external focus on location, interaction and pretesting. Therefore, in order to make a valid decision in business research, all the processes involved should be valid. Read More
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Operational Definition Process Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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