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Leadership Characteristics of My Uncle - Assignment Example

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The answers the questions about his/her uncle who exhibits immense leadership tenets within his personal and professional lives. The different leadership characteristics that he displays embody how he analyzes a situation at hand, comprehends the right and the wrong alternatives. …
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Leadership Characteristics of My Uncle
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Extract of sample "Leadership Characteristics of My Uncle"

Download file to see previous pages One example that I can give of my uncle in terms of his leadership tenets is the banner under which he resolves disputes and takes them in a head-on fashion. He does not shy away from taking and allotting responsibility upon people because this is an aspect that is in close association with the leaders. It was once that there was a quarrel amongst two of his subordinates. This fight started off from a heated debate and ended up in a physical attack by both of them. My uncle intervened and sorted out the matter, much to the surprise of all concerned because people were mostly witnessed to the entire episode yet no one was willing to do anything to resolve the issue. My uncle stood firm and took both of them apart from one another since these individuals were at each other’s neck. This was a bold step considering my uncle was in no position to come in between as the fight had shaped up into a horrid one. He was adamant that they must not fight yet do something which would bring them down to the negotiating table. This worked wonders since when the two individuals cooled down in their respective zones, they sat down together and resolved their differences. What this meant was that my uncle played a phenomenal part in bringing the foes in close alliance with one another. It played the trick because then they were able to understand one another and do what was needed of them. The role of leadership played by my uncle was an important one all along and he was appreciated by people for this act.
I believe my uncle is a perfect example of someone who motivates people around him through his actions and demeanor. He is equally well-conversant with his fellow colleagues, friends, peers, employees, and relatives. He tries to speak to everyone on their own level which is a definite plus that he has at the end of the day.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Topic Can Be Proposed by the Writer Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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