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SYNTHESIS AND EVALUATION - Book Report/Review Example

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Most of the moral implications, which are caused by bad human resource managers, result from managerial incompetence (Hogan J., Hogan R., & Kaiser, 2009). According Jonathan, Sunil & Krishnan (2010), proper human resource planning is critical to the efficient running and…
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Synthesis and Evaluation Paper Synthesis and Evaluation Paper Most of the moral implications, which are caused by bad human resource managers, result from managerial incompetence (Hogan J., Hogan R., & Kaiser, 2009). According Jonathan, Sunil & Krishnan (2010), proper human resource planning is critical to the efficient running and continued success of the business enterprises. Sometimes corporations have poorly mismanaged human resource departments because of circumstances, extraneous issues and certain business factors. Research findings from a quantitative research conducted by Hayes and Utecht (2009) found out that poor human resource planning caused by bad HR personnel has both immediate and long-lasting effects on organizational performance. Poor HR management leads to less profitability of the organization while excellent HR management has the potential to ensure increased profitability due to reduced stress and abuse (Hogan J., Hogan R., & Kaiser, 2009).
Mirchandani and Lederer (2010), in their human resource study, realized that incompetent human resource managers could compromise employee safety and working conditions at manufacturing facilities. Jonathan, Sunil & Krishnan (2010) noted that performance reviews and performance appraisal programs are badly managed in most organizations, leading to feeling of uncertainties about both present and future prospects among employees. Xiaoyan and Erhua (2013) investigated the impact of bad bosses on organizational performance and employee turnover; the research findings revealed that poor working conditions force many employees to quit the organizations.
In a study by Janovsky (2009) that examined the reasons for high employee turnover in organizations, a sample of 80 employees comprising both present and former employees were subjected to different test programs and the results analyzed. Approximately 80% of the already quitted employees cited poor human resource planning as one of the reasons that forced them to stop working for the company while 20% implied personal factors for their exit. Among the present employees, 70% responded that poor employee appraisal existing in the company is the primary reason for their planned exit.
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Xiaoyan, L., & Erhua, Z. (2013). Influence of customer verbal aggression on employee turnover intention. Management Decision, 51(4), 890-912. Read More
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SYNTHESIS AND EVALUATION Book Report/Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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