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Quantitive Article Anaylsis - Assignment Example

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Recent studies show that artefacts such as sketches, visual templates and objects can be utilized to enhance creativity and team collaboration in innovation activities. Thus, the…
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Quantitive Article Anaylsis
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Extract of sample "Quantitive Article Anaylsis"

Quantitative article analysis s affiliation Quantitative Article Analysis Introduction Creating original and sustainable business model ideas is an essential but also a challenging task. Recent studies show that artefacts such as sketches, visual templates and objects can be utilized to enhance creativity and team collaboration in innovation activities. Thus, the study intensively and extensively came up with a model, which aimed at describing how artefacts can affect team work in the development of new business model ideas. More so, the study explicated how the artefacts will affect collaboration and creativity among the team members (Eppler, Hofmann & Bresciani, 2011).
The study aimed at finding out the effects of artefacts for teams that are working on innovation tasks. In this regard, the study focused on the creativity and collaboration applied in the development of innovative business models. To make the research more comprehensive, the following research questions were employed;
How do the artefacts influence the dynamics of teams working on the creation of feasible business model ideas?
How the artefacts influence the creativity of team members in the creation of innovative business model?
How do artefacts influence the collaboration of team members in the creation of innovative business model?
The study ought to propose a model that would explain the impacts of artefacts on team processes in the creation of business model ideas. It further posits that the artefacts have positive impacts on team creativity and collaboration. To expound the above stated aspects, the study formulated the following hypotheses:
Facilitation of business model innovation through the utilisation of artefacts has a positive impact on the team collaboration
Facilitation of business model innovation through the use of artefacts has a positive effect on team creativity
Facilitation of business model innovation with artefacts has a positive effect on team members who are willing to incorporate the new business model
Thirty managers from Switzerland acted as subjects in the study. They worked in groups of five individuals ((Eppler, Hofmann & Bresciani, 2011). All the groups were required to create an innovative model for the newspaper industry. The subjects had the same instruction and were assigned randomly to the managers. The subjects were given questionnaires to collect data from a given population, and write down their perceptions on collaboration and creativity within their team. The experiment had three conditions. The first one was a control condition in which subjects utilised PowerPoint slide to gather ideas. The second one was a treatment condition, which constituted of office supply objects that acted as stimuli. The third one was a treatment condition that had a business model template, which is essential in mapping the software environment (Frischer & Pigneur, 2012). The dependent variable of collaboration wa measured by telling the subjects to assess their perceived team collaboration, through filling a questionnaire. Creativity was measured through the use of self – developed scale so as to evaluate perception of participants based on innovative research. The study analysed the data by comparing means of various groups. In addition, the study conducted an ‘analysis of variance (ANOVA)’ so as to show the relevance of the variations scrutinized in the mean comparison (Fleenor & Taylor, 2004).
The results showed that the utilisation of innovative business model template within a software environment has both negative and positive impacts for the team processes (Osterwalder & Pigneur, 2009). The template enhances the perceived collaboration. On the other hand, it lowers the perceived creativity and the group’s willingness to incorporate the new business models in their tasks. Groups that utilised the interactive templates viewed themselves as more collaborative compared to those that utilised the office and toy artefacts. There is no discrepancy in perceived collaboration of groups that utilised PowerPoint and toy objects.
In conclusion, more research is required to provide to detailed information for practitioners and come up with a general view of the findings. More so, the study will enhance the extensive research on the area of innovative business models.The study clearly indicates that artefacts have the ability of shaping team interactions and generation of ideas in the business model innovation context.

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changers and challengers. Hoboken, New Jersey: Wiley and Sons Read More
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Quantitive Article Anaylsis Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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