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Risk and Insurance Management Society and Jobs in Risk Management - Assignment Example

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The paper states that risk and insurance management society (RIMS) sponsors and holds a number of different conferences in order to expand on its aims of risk management and insurance provision. Essentially the RIMS umbrella is very wide and this allows RIMS to organize various levels of conferences with ease. …
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Risk and Insurance Management Society and Jobs in Risk Management
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Extract of sample "Risk and Insurance Management Society and Jobs in Risk Management"

Download file to see previous pages The various types of conferences initiated by RIMS are explained in detail in the paper.
The basic most level of conferences held by the RIMS umbrella is labeled as the foundational conferences. The contention behind foundational conferences is to allow budding professionals in the risk management and insurance coverage sectors to present their ideas and to take in the ideas of senior professionals. Foundational conferences can be held at the various local chapters’ level.
Advanced conferences are designed to allow professionals in their mid-careers to interact and to impinge on young and aspiring professionals. Advanced conferences under the RIMS umbrella may be carried out at a chapter’s level or through the collaboration of various chapters.
Strategic conferences are designed to meet certain specific challenges that are brought up by various sections of RIMS at both horizontal and vertical levels. Inclusion in strategic conferences depends on the kinds and levels of expertise required to solve the challenge at hand. The subject of strategic conferences may be restricted to specific phenomenon such as the drainage of the Florida wetlands or to more broad areas such as climate change and its impacts on business. The contention behind strategic conferences is to design appropriate responses in time to solve upcoming challenges to the risk management sector.
It is evidently clear from the discussion that social events are organized by RIMS in various horizontal and vertical capacities and levels. The contention behind social events is to raise awareness of both risk management and insurance coverage as professionally emerging sectors. In addition, social events are designed to allow greater interaction between various levels of members in the RIMS umbrella to facilitate networking and contact generation. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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