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Contemporary Issues in Strategic Management - Assignment Example

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This essay analyses contemporary issues in strategic management in Vodafone. Also, this essay analyzes the value chain framework, unearth the key competencies and then lineate the strategic development of the company to the main goals and objectives…
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Contemporary Issues in Strategic Management
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Extract of sample "Contemporary Issues in Strategic Management"

Download file to see previous pages There have also been many chief executives at the company but the latest expansion was under the stewardship of Mr. Sarin who was taken from the Coca-Cola Company. Its growth has been mostly of the acquisition type and this has seen it assume the level of operating on economies of scale. This case below, therefore, undertakes to analyze the value chain framework, unearth the key competencies and then lineate the strategic development of the company to the main goals and objectives.  
Value Chain refers to the activities taking place in a business and related to the competitive strengths of the company. The value chain has two major branches; primary activities and support activities. Primary activities are the activities of a company that are concerned with the creation and delivery of a product. Support activities are all those activities that increase the efficiency of primary activities. One of the primary chain activities is the inbound logistics operations. These activities concern themselves with storage of materials that are sourced externally. Outbound logistics, on the other hand, are all the activities that are used to get the finished company products to the buyers. Marketing and sales services are activities that are concerned with giving the information to the consumers about the availability of the goods and services in a company.  
Key competencies are the activities of strength that are used to create a positive advantage of the company above others by utilization of its key strengths. The core competencies may take the form of effective people management as well as investing in the strength of the brand of the company. Moreover, the company can decide to sell its wares at a lower price which would culminate into cost advantages. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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