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The Role of Strategic Entrepreneurship - Dissertation Example

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In this paper “The Role of Strategic Entrepreneurship” the author will describe the research methods that will be used to gather data in this research study. This research would want to find out more about strategic entrepreneurship in the midst of prevailing tough competition…
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Extract of sample "The Role of Strategic Entrepreneurship"

Download file to see previous pages Particular attention would is given to how they are applied in detail. At the end of this chapter, the proponent carefully elaborates the need to use of structural equation modeling, as a tool to put finally everything in detail into a model with valid empirical implications.
This research would want to find out more about strategic entrepreneurship in the midst of prevailing tough competition. Concerning this, it is the main goal of the proponent to identify information with empirical evidence if each firm could still consider achieving individual competitive edge even if they would employ relevant competitive strategies. However, in order to identify this point, the proponent should ensure identification of the relevant methodology that would serve the objective of the study while it also would ensure validity of the output of the research study.
This research aims to understand more about strategic entrepreneurship in the midst of prevailing dynamic competition. The proponent would want to find out if a firm could still guarantee competitive advantage even if they would employ relevant competitive strategies. Therefore, the following general question should generate answer at the end.
When firms engage in strategic entrepreneurship does it establish temporal competitive advantage in a dynamic environment when competing vis-à-vis other competitors in the industry with the objective of creating value for the society as a whole, shareholder of the firms, and the individuals?
As already stated, the proponent would want to employ both quantitative and qualitative information from the existing studies linked up with strategic entrepreneurship. Empirical investigation is therefore necessary in order to create substantial empirical evidence based on the existing theoretical concepts linked up with the subject matter that the proponent considers in this research study. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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