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See instruction section. There are 5 topics to choose from - Term Paper Example

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This unhealthy lifestyle of Americans affect the health care industry in a way that it would tell them on what particular disease should the health care industry should focus more to be responsive to the health care…
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See instruction section. There are 5 topics to choose from
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Download file to see previous pages Obesity rates among adolescents in the United States have tripled since 1963. More than one-third (33.6%) of U.S. children and adolescents are either obese or at risk of becoming obese, with significant variations across ethnic and socioeconomic groups. Overweight children have a 70% chance of being overweight or obese as adults and an 80% chance if one or more parent is overweight or obese. Obesity increases various health related risks both in childhood and into adulthood (American Heart Association, 2005 cited in Goldberg and Gunasti, 2007).). It is estimated that at current rates, the lifetime risk of type 2 diabetes (and many related health problems) is 30% for boys and 40% for girls (McGinnis et al., 2006 cited in (Goldberg and Gunasti, 2007).). Other associated health problems for which obesity increases the risk include high cholesterol, high blood pressure, asthma, and general poor health” (Koplan et al., 2005). Needless to say, the social factors that affect the health of Americans breed diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.
It has to be mentioned that the present economic environment of the US is far from ideal because it is still recovering from the financial crisis. Thus, both customers and organizations alike are in cost saving mode in order to cope with the current economic situation. This is however not peculiar in the health care industry because the current difficult economic situation is felt across America’s industries whether in healthcare, finance, auto etch.
Policy wise, the most significant economic development in the health care industry is the implementation of the pay for performance because it can affect the bottom line and viability of a health care provider institution. “Pay-for-performance or P4P is a quality improvement strategy that employs financial incentives to improve compliance with evidence-based clinical practice guidelines, to improve patient experience, to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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See Instruction Section. There Are 5 Topics to Choose from Term Paper.
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