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Analysis of an Ethical case in management - Research Paper Example

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However, due to shortening period of competitive advantage, businesses are neglecting to share critical information with their employees, consequently…
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Analysis of an Ethical case in management
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Extract of sample "Analysis of an Ethical case in management"

Download file to see previous pages As a result, employees are becoming de-motivated at a greater extent (Wozniak, 2011), which is in turn causing job turnover to increase significantly in recent years. Because of this reason, organizations are struggling to maintain viable and strong human capital in order to effectively and efficiently achieve organizational goals.
However, it is interesting to note that in advanced epoch characterized with decentralized organizational authority and flattened corporation structure, MT neglected to brief Hady about the background of his assignment. Along with this, his new boss is not taking him seriously and considering him as an incompetent individual therefore, believing Hady as someone who is useless. In the light of this observation, deployment of utilitarian approach as a source for managing human resources in MT can be implied that is an obsolete technique towards motivating employees. Because of utilitarian management, MT only compensates its employees in monetary terms and considers them as an organizational property. This typical management strategy is leading MT to have a pool of incompetent and uninspired employees.
In parallel, Hady is considering himself betrayed because of the unfulfilling level of information provided about his current assignment. Additionally, Phil’s stubborn attitude is affirming Hady’s provision of betrayal.
Nevertheless, MT is in need of educating its top and middle management in terms of modern managerial approaches such as participative decision-making and other similar techniques, so that they can inspire employees in considering themselves as the important part of organizational success. At the same time, MT should also integrate rights theory to provide job autonomy and friendly work environment to its employees to enhance their productivity.
Conversely, Hady is a person with budding talent, which should be polished ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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