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A Restaurants Management of Its Customers - Assignment Example

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The paper “A Restaurant’s Management of Its Customers” seeks to evaluate the failure of realization that organizational cultures exist either consciously or unconsciously, and the choice of culture, which affects the services a business offered its customers…
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A Restaurants Management of Its Customers
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Extract of sample "A Restaurants Management of Its Customers"

A Restaurant’s Management of Its Customers
Most businesses fail to realize that organizational cultures exist either consciously or unconsciously, and the choice of culture affects the services a business offered its customers. Hence, the management of customers and employees depends on the organizational culture adopted by a business, and it affects service delivery. Through observation, an individual can learn a lot about the culture of a workplace as I did during a visit to a restaurant on Saturday. While the management might not know the culture adopted by the restaurant, it is important to point out that the management culture adopted has an effect on service delivery and customer satisfaction.
The first thing I noticed amongst the waiters is that they never said ‘no’ to the customer. In one incident, a customer asked whether the appetizer was sweet; however, the waiter went ahead to give the description of the ingredients that the restaurant’s chefs used to prepare the appetizer. In this case, the waiter did not give a straightforward answer to the customer, which gave the customer the choice to make an informed decision so as not to complain once they took what they ordered. Once the waiter brought the appetizer, the customer described the appetizer as spicy, which made me understand the reason why the waiter did not give a definite answer. Throughout my visit, waiters continued informing the customers about their enquiries, and I never heard the words ‘no’ and ‘I do not know’ uttered at any one time.
The location of the restaurant is close to a tavern that did not prepare any food. As such, patrons from the tavern would come to the restaurant in a drunken stupor after imbibing in alcohol. With some of the clients drunk, the restaurant’s staff required to have impeccable skills to handle such clients. Based on my observation, the waiters handled the drunken clients excellently without denying services to any of the drunken customer. In addition, none of the waiters, regardless of their gender, shied from approaching a client despite the client being sober or drunk. In a way, this handling of the customers was essential to ensure that the restaurant was not subjected from any unnecessary suits resulting from denying services to any customer. It is obvious that the restaurant has devised ways to handle their customers in an extraordinary manner. However, there is slightly one downside in the overall handling of the customers, especially when delivered their orders. Often, delivery of what the customers ordered would take a relatively longer time than in most restaurants. This would make the customers a little bit jittery, although the reassuring words from the waiters regarding the delivery of their orders always comforted the customers. Nonetheless, this area, of slow delivery of orders to customers, is an area that the restaurant should address so that customers can always get exceptional services from the restaurant.
Based on the foregoing, it is evident that the restaurant has adopted a culture that aims at ensuring that it delivered quality services by effectively managing their customers. Through helping the customers in making informed decisions and handling customers in an effective way, regardless of their state of mind, the restaurant, through its staff, has been able to deliver quality services to their customers. However, the time taken to deliver customers’ orders on their tables was relatively longer in comparison to other restaurants. Therefore, the restaurant should ensure that the time taken in delivering the orders to the customers was shorter. Read More
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