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Changes in Organizational Culture: Computerized Provider Order Entry at Emory Health Care - Term Paper Example

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The author states that embedding a CPOE system in a hospital information management implementation is a complex task that affects the work culture of the health care delivery institution as a whole. It affects the existing clinical workflows and leads to their drastic modifications…
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Changes in Organizational Culture: Computerized Provider Order Entry at Emory Health Care
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Extract of sample "Changes in Organizational Culture: Computerized Provider Order Entry at Emory Health Care"

Download file to see previous pages The use of the CPOE system has decreased medication ordering errors and redundant test ordering, promote practice standardization and reduce overall healthcare costs. At this point, Hospitals with CPOE implemented in at least one inpatient service area are considered to be in Stage 4 of the HIMSS EMR adoption model, a level that a small percentage of USA hospitals have reached thus far.

Despite the benefits and the pressure to comply with the meaningful use of EMR in hospitals, CPOE systems have yet to be widely accepted for several reasons. The reasons include the high cost of implementation, clinician resistance to technology, worry regarding practice disruption and loss of productivity, fear of technology failure, and the inability of some CPOE implementations to integrate well with existing healthcare systems (Bigelow, 2005, p. 22).

The main components of the CPOE system include a user-interface design that the officials who are in charge of placing orders for the patients interact with when making orders (Greenes, 2007, p. 55). Various digital support tools and cogent communications systems provide the principal components that constitute the system. It should also have an exemplary storage space that will ensure that the management stores material correctly. This will minimize the chances of loss of data and valuable information.

the system ensures that it reduces the errors that arise in the process of ordering drugs and redundant test ordering. This is because systems, which manage the process of placing orders are less prone to errors. The process of ordering is also easy to execute and hence takes a short period. This saves time that employees would take on the orders. The CPOE system has also promoted practice standardization in the healthcare environment and thus ensures that all customers enjoy standardized services. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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