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Role of Unions - Research Paper Example

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In the US the proportion of workers who are, members of labor unions have declined compared to the percentages in the 1930s. The discouragement of workers in joining unions together…
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Role of Unions
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Extract of sample "Role of Unions"

Role of Unions Labor unions are the legal organizations that represent workers through collective bargaining. In the US the proportion of workers who are, members of labor unions have declined compared to the percentages in the 1930s. The discouragement of workers in joining unions together with the improvement in the working condition is responsible for such a trend. However, the role of unions should increase in the United States to ensure that there is increment in decent job opportunity, which guarantees the workers safety and pay far above the poverty line. In addition, the unions’ role in shielding workers from increased inflation, growing unemployment and in influencing government policies in issues as health and other social factors is necessary (Serrano, 2011).
Every organization has a HRM department that is mandated with the duty of hiring and looking at the welfare of the policies. In executing this role, the department influences the relationship between the employees and the organization. The department therefore has a role of achieving a cordial relationship between the organization and the employees by designing fair compensation, ensuring better working conditions, having better bargain, adhering to the labor laws and involving the employees’ emissaries in the formulation and implementation of organizations polices (Serrano, 2011). Through these, the employees’ relationship will be enhanced and their loyalty to the origination will be improved.
Besides, the government also plays a significant role in ensuring workers plight are upheld. The government has a role of setting fair wage rates by altering minimum wage and in promulgating laws that protect the rights of the workers. The role will include that of penalizing organizations that breach the set regulations (Serrano, 2011). Simultaneously, the government should take interventionary measures between organizations and their workers in resolving labor disputes.
In conclusion, the HRM department, government and the workers representatives must all play their roles in ensuring smooth relationship in the work force. Failure by any party to perform their tasks may result into labor disputes that will impair the functioning of the general economy.
Serrano, M. R. (2011). Trade Unions and the Global Crisis: Labours Visions, Strategies and Responses. Geneva: International Labour Office. Read More
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Role of Unions Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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