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Week 12: Alternative Work Arrangements: Possible Solutions for a Plethora of Problems - Assignment Example

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Employees may choose alternative work arrangement to meet their family or personal needs. On the other hand, employers may initiate different and…
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Week 12: Alternative Work Arrangements: Possible Solutions for a Plethora of Problems
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Extract of sample "Week 12: Alternative Work Arrangements: Possible Solutions for a Plethora of Problems"

Alternative Work Arrangements Alternative Work Arrangements Part Alternate work arrangements refer to flexible work arrangements or schedules from the traditional working time, day and week. Employees may choose alternative work arrangement to meet their family or personal needs. On the other hand, employers may initiate different and flexible arrangements to meet their customer requirements.
However, case analysis of alternate work arrangement reveals a plethora of problems requiring urgent solutions. Below is an outline of the problems and possible solution:
Failure to incorporate employees in the planning stage: solution is to involve employees in the coming up of flexible work program.
Failure to realize that certain individuals or certain positions are not appropriate to Alternate work arrangements: solution is to conduct a thorough research and identify the aspects of work and individuals who may not fit to the arrangement. For instance, the programs should not result to office coverage and availability issues.
Informal policies that result to inequalities and inconsistencies: this causes poor morale, legal action, resentment, and loss of employees. Clearly defined and flexible plans that are clearly stated, detailed and non-discriminatory needs to be adopted as solutions.
Decrease in communication: this arrangement results to the absence of business and social interaction amongst co-workers and supervisors. Staff meetings that incorporate flex staff should be adopted so that some employees do not feel alienated from the work environment.
Failure to keep track and update alternate work arrangement: this programs calls for constant monitoring and updating to meet the changing demands. A solution is to maintain an open line of communication where feedback can be gotten from both managers and employees.
Part 2
1. Alternate work arrangement boosts the employer’s ability to attract, motivate, and retain experienced and high-performing employees. It also assists in discouraging absenteeism. To the employees, alternate work arrangement assists in managing their responsibilities outside work. Furthermore, it serves to increase job satisfaction, creativity, energy, and ability to manage stress.
2. Employers are likely to lose touch with a considerable number of their employees. This is because the alternate work arrangement may not allow the employer to meet frequently with his or her employees. As such, getting feedback may be a challenge. Employees may end up misusing the program as it may encourage laxity. For instance, an employer chose the program because he or she wants to attend to other personal business. Serving to masters is a formidable challenge and this may result to problems covering the office time (Nelson & Campbell Quick, 2010).
3. Several factors contribute to employer’s decision to adopt alternate work arrangements. First, it is crucial in ensuring that existing vacancy is filled before regular employee is hired. Secondly, it allows for the position left vacant by an employee who is sick, on a vacation, attending to urgent family issues is filled. In addition, it permits the other employees to offer service during peak hours. For the factors mentioned above, alternate work arrangements may allow other employees to stand in place of the areas affected by deficiency. These arrangements are also crucial in cases where employees feel they can switch positions to meet their personal demands.
4. Yes, it should be mandated by law. Alternate work programs are arrangements between employees and employers. The employers understand their employees best. Allowing such arrangements to proceeds will permit more productivity if carried out efficiently (Nelson & Campbell Quick, 2010).
Nelson, D. & Campbell Quick, J. (2010). Organizational Behavior: Science, the Real World, and You, 7th Ed. New York, NY: Cengage Read More
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