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Analysis of the Workflow - Research Paper Example

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This essay "Analysis of the Workflow" focuses on the workflow that one uses differs from one photographer to the other. This workflow is considered as the line of action of a photographer from when the shutter is pressed to when the images are produced and archived…
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Analysis of the Workflow
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Extract of sample "Analysis of the Workflow"

Analysis of the Workflow
The workflow that one uses differs from one photographer to the other. This workflow is considered as the line of action of a photographer from when the shutter is pressed to when the images are produced and archived. This assignment expects the writer to give a workflow that they use in photography and compare it to the workflow of the website page given. The website dbBestflow was established so as to direct photographers to a better way of storing and guarding their photowork.
The workflow followed by the writer is as follows. To begin with, the photographer has tomake a decision on the variants of the photo they want to capture. By this, they make a choice on the size and color of the image, the focus of the image and also the type of the image (Mann 18). These are the most crucial factors that one has to consider while capturing an image since it will determine how pleasant this image will be.
This is followed by the storage of the image. The photographer stores the captured images as the original copy either in DVDs or hard disk drives from the memory card of the camera. This is usually for the purposes of future editing for archiving these images (Mann 20). The editing of the image comes after one has catalogued the images. The photographer alters the original image to a more appealing presentation that the customer desires. They are also sorted out appropriately. These edited images are then archived. It should be noted that the archived photography is separate from the original images captured due to editing (Mann 23).
This workflow compared to the one provided in the above website differ in that the one in the website is extremely detailed, following each process, while this one gives the most essential parts of the work flow. The two are great I that the images that are produced are often of great quality provided one will follow a single workflow.
To conclude, there are other workflows that will differ from the one stated above, but a photographer should make a choice on the best workflow that will please them. They should also put into consideration the storage and archiving of the captured images.
Mann G. Adobe Digital Photography Workflow. Nikonians (2000): 18-24. Print. Read More
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Analysis of the Workflow Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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