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Analysis of Barriers to Motivation Process Causing Frustrations in the Organizational Management - Research Proposal Example

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The main aims of this research are to identify and examine various physical, sociological, and physiological barriers that exist in an organization, and investigate the extent of the impact of such barriers in employees’ behaviors and whether such barriers result in a reduction of motivation. …
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Analysis of Barriers to Motivation Process Causing Frustrations in the Organizational Management
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Download file to see previous pages The workers’ physiological and security needs like food and shelter, should stand satisfied by their job. Then their social needs should be satisfied, as well as their self-esteem needs. Only then will they be ready to work towards fulfilling their need to actualize their dreams and ambitions, and strive for work-related advancements. In other words, Maslow presents us with an extremely accurate perspective on motivation and the barriers to its processes.
If workers do not receive enough compensation from their job to be able to afford food and shelter, they will find no motivation to perform well at the job and gain advancement (Bateman et al, pp. 515-542, 2008). In other words, if their basic needs are not satisfied, this will act as a barrier from these workers feeling motivated to perform well. While this barrier seems to simplify the nature of human beings greatly, it is a very accurate model of motivation. While human beings are complicated individuals, their basic needs overpower their ability to act the way that is beneficial or desirable. Thus, it should be a priority for the organizational manager, that the workers’ basic needs have been satisfied, so that the manager may then motivate these workers to work harder and perform better. This has a simple implication for the managers also, which is to ensure that the workers are compensated with an adequate wage, before seeking to motivate them (“Nwlnk”, pp.1, 2010). This need-based model of motivation has also received considerable support form Herzberg’s ERG (Existence, Relatedness, and Growth) theory and McClelland’s need-based theory. Both of these are derivatives of the need hierarchy and promote the understanding that unsatisfied basic human needs can be a significant barrier when trying to motivate a worker.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Analysis of Barriers to Motivation Process Causing Frustrations in the Research Proposal.
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