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Organizational Life-Cycles and Management Styles - Research Proposal Example

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In the paper “Organizational Life-Cycles and Management Styles” the author focuses on the success of a company or of a business, which depends highly on the leaders and managers who run it – strong leadership, that is. Model leaders are oftentimes impacting lives and the future of everyone…
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Organizational Life-Cycles and Management Styles
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Download file to see previous pages Planning is very important since this will be the start off of a certain project. Without planning, the project may cause delays and eventually will reach the goal which is envisioned by the company. Having an activity or an event, planning is always needed. This plan will be the record of the goals and objectives the company wanted to achieve. In this way, there will be a check and balance if the projects were pursued or were it done.
It is a process. Planning comes with organizing, directing people, who will be involved heavily in projects and ensure that there are changes, impacts happened through the course of implementation through monitoring.
According to Reh (2006), managing people has never been easy especially when there are big numbers of the staff involved. But once the plan is done properly, in sync with organizing, directing and monitoring, then this will not be a heavy load after all. Later, it will be realized that the challenging project is rewarding once it came out successfully.
In brief, Mills (2005) stated that “leadership is about a vision of the future and the ability to boost others to pursue it while management is about getting results and if it has done effectively and efficiently it will be a success”.
A good leader should have qualities that can meet the standards of the people as well as the company. Some of these are a passion for the work. Enjoying what he is doing and do not care with the compensation. A good leader should also be decisive. In handling matters inside the company, the people seek this kind of leader. Other qualities are conviction, integrity, adaptability, emotional toughness, emotional resonance, self-knowledge, and humility. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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