Comparative Analysis of Employee Relations Systems in Singapore and Eire - Term Paper Example

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The author concludes that employee relation systems in Eire are more people-centered. This is seen in their training, communication, policies, and practices. Singapore’s employee relations are more centered on production; consequently, they have not embraced effective human management strategies. …
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Comparative Analysis of Employee Relations Systems in Singapore and Eire
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Download file to see previous pages There are certain theories that will act as a background and baseline for this comparative analysis. The first one was brought forward by a human resource management author called Douglas McGregor. This author strongly believed in the power that the human being has within an organization. He claimed that management is dependent on its employees just as the latter need the former. McGregor believed that management has the ability to determine whether or not their organization was a success depending on how they chose to carry forward their management practices.
The author came up with a human relations theory called theory Y. In this theory, he asserted that all employees have the capacity to change. Consequently, management should endeavor to match employee goals and objectives to the organization. Since these employees were able to grow in terms of their capacity to handle greater responsibility and to grow position wise, management should try its best to match their overall developmental activities within the organization to individual ones. Indeed, theory Y forms one of the major guidelines for good employee-relations-systems in any country. We will, therefore, use this as a sort of barometer to check on the legitimacy and appropriateness of the employee relations between the two countries under study.
Another theory that will also serve as a backbone in the essay is the theory of the three S's as postulated by Bartlett and Ghoshal; where the three S's are a strategy, systems, and structures. In this theory, the two authors believed that management had a distinct and fundamental responsibility to come up with organizational strategy. This would lay the foundation for organizational structures within any one organization. In this management system, more emphasis is placed on the importance of aligning employees to organizational behavior.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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