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TEAM MNC Analysis - Research Paper Example

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TEAM MNC Analysis Table of Contents Table of Contents 2 Section 1: Executive Summary 3 Section 2 3 Section 3: PEST Environment 5 Section 5: Mission/Vision 8 Section 6: Code of Business Conduct 8 Section 7: Management Style 9 Works Cited 11 Name of the Student: Name of the Professor: Course Number: Date: Section 1: Executive Summary Key concern for the research paper is to shed light on contingent situation being faced by Trump Entrepreneurial Initiative and The Trump Organization due to occurrence of recent wrong events such as being sued by New York's attorney general for customer complaints regarding phony activities of "Trump University"…
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TEAM MNC Analysis
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Download file to see previous pages Throughout the paper, the researcher has analyzed both internal and external environment for the company in order to address the problem in comprehensive manner. Section 2 A. Background about TEI and History of the Firm Trump University is part of Trump Entrepreneurial Initiative which is basically an entrepreneurial venture of The Trump Organization. The Trump Organization is a real estate giant which develops residential towers, resorts, office structures, hotels, golf courses and of high-end real estate across the globe. The company is headquartered at Trump Tower, New York City and the real estate giant was established by Donald Trump in 1980. The company is being managed by Trump family while Donald Trump acts as its CEO. Product and business matrix of The Trump Organization includes real estate development, sales and marketing of real estate, property management, developing high street luxury hotels, residential, commercial places, golf courses etc. At present the company is working on 70 real estate projects across the globe (The Trump Organization, “Written evidence - The Trump Organisation - Scottish Parliament”). Till now, The Trump Organization has mainly focused on developing business in context USA cities like New York, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Manhattan etc. However, recently the company has started investing in developing real estate projects across globe like Turkey, Panama, Mexico, Scotland and some middle-east countries (The Trump Organization, “Written evidence - The Trump Organisation - Scottish Parliament”). B. Current problem for TEI Trump University or better known as Trump Entrepreneur Initiative was one of the latest entrepreneurial venture of Donald Trump and his organization (Smythe, “Trump Institute Accused of Fraud by N.Y. Attorney General”). Trump Entrepreneur Initiative is unlicensed online educational institute which claims to offer courses and seminars to students for real estate management, investing expertise in real estate business. Students need to pay almost US $35,000 to avail the courses from Trump University but recently students have accused the Trump University for fraudulent activities like designing useless seminars for students, lack of expertise of teachers, false promises for apprenticeships for students (Smythe, “Trump Institute Accused of Fraud by N.Y. Attorney General”). As a result, New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman sued Trump Entrepreneur Initiative sued Donald Trump for $40 million for running fraudulent educational institutes. (Source: Author’s Creation) Section 3: PEST Environment As part of globalization, The Trump Organization has expanded its business in Turkey while its Trump Entrepreneurial Initiative (TEI) is facing legal hurdles in New York, USA. In such context, brief PEST analysis can be done in order to understand the business context of TEI. Political In New York, stable political environment would help TEI to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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