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Strategic thinking - Assignment Example

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Personal interest and engagement within the domain of strategic thinking and general management The term “strategy” was initially used in wars for developing tactics to win over the enemy. Business is also a kind of war, where the rival firms are considered as enemies & everyone fight with them to achieve the maximum market share & maximum sales…
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Strategic thinking
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Download file to see previous pages 13-14). Strategy formulation depends on the management’s ability & organizations resources. These are the predictable issues which can be answered by forming brilliant strategies. But we should also keep a provision for the uncertainties of the environment. These uncertainties can destroy any good enterprise if the provision to face them is not properly & timely created. Thus strategic thinking and general management offers a framework to the organization towards planning its course of action and it involves a great amount of risk. For making the appropriate plan and to eliminate the possible uncertainties from the organization’s operations a manager often takes up the role of a leader who guides, instructs and motivates his followers and work together towards achieving the firm’s objectives. Introduction and Overview The present topic deals with a great leader who managed to influenced many and is known as a successful leader throughout the world. Counted among the great names like Gautama Buddha, Prophet Mohammad, and Jesus Christ, Mahatma Gandhi is considered to be a legend, one of the greatest spiritual and political leaders of all times. Hailed as the ‘father of the nation’, he was the pioneer of the non violent movement also called the ‘Satyagraha’ against the British tyranny in India in order to bring about a social change. The policy of non violence was not just a political strategy, but it was based in spirituality because of which Mahatma Gandhi became a name to be reckoned with not only in his own country but throughout the world (Hatt, 2002). His legacy includes a brilliantly organized struggle against racism in South Africa, active contribution in the freedom struggle of his own country and using his policy of non violence in order to bring about a positive change in the society. The word “Mahatma” means great soul and great leaders of the world like Nelson Mandela and Marin Luther King Jr have called Mahatma Gandhi an inspiration, a motivation in their struggle for fighting for the rights and equality for the people. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr had said about him “Christ gave us the goals and Mahatma Gandhi the tactics”. Background and Personal life Mohandas Karam chand Gandhi was born to a Hindu family in a small town called Porbandar in the state of Gujarat on October 2nd 1896.He was the youngest son of Karamchand Gandhi and Putli bai. His father was the advisor to the local ruler of the three native states of Kathiawar. He was always known for his loyalty and steadfastness. From his early childhood he was deeply influenced by his mother who was the embodiment of a traditional Indian woman. She was a devoted wife and mother along with being austere and pious. Her qualities had made a deep impression in the young Gandhi. He was also influenced by the life Kind Harish chandra, his sufferings, his loyalty, his devotion towards truth. As a boy he had aspired to become like the great King. In his later stage of life he was also impressed by visionaries like Ruskin and Tolstoy. Gandhi had completed his schooling from Albert high school located in the nearby town of Rajkot. His school he was average and showed no brilliance. He was not into games and also a loner. He however showed deep respect for his teachers. From his early childhood Gandhi was bent on the spiritual side of existence. Little incidents like ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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