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Organizational planning - Term Paper Example

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Organizational Planning: FedEx Corporation Name: Institution: Organizational Planning: FedEx Corporation The company provides e-commerce, transportation and business services. FedEx Corporation offers its services to a wide range companies and government institutions…
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Organizational planning
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Download file to see previous pages FedEx Corporation structure is in horizontal form (FedEx para 2). Horizontal organizational structure limits staff production, growth and development. Promotion is also limited. The company should adopt matrix organizational structure. Matrix organizational structure promotes staff growth, development. As a result of growth and development they become productive. Matrix structure facilitates employees to rise from one level to the other easily as contrasted to horizontal structure. Recommend organizational structure Structural adaptations. Each employee should be answerable to two managers, the line manager and the project manager. This will improve the company’s efficiency and effectiveness in that high production per individual staff will be realized. This is because each staff will be monitored by two managers who have different expectations. The project manager will expect various employees to deliver and achieve the targets. On the other hand the line manager expects the the employees under his/her leadership to perform effectively and meet various deadlines. The project managers and line managers should also report to departmetal managers and the vice president. The departmental managers and vice presidents should report to the president. The matrix organizational structure has got the following advantages which fit FedEx corporation. Resource coordination The recommeded matrix structure will enable the line and project managers to focus on their expertice and specialization. The line managers will focus on managing, hiring and training employees while the project managers will focus on achieving various goals in particular products. the line manager produces competent human resource through advising the human resource directorate on the skills and competencies required in a particular position. After the successful selection and hiring process the line manager orients and equips the staff with additional skills required in execution of their duties and responsibilities. The line manager ensures that the staff under his/her command have the necessary capacity to handle various task as expected by the company (Bryson, 2011). This can be achived through various training and development programs. On the otherhand, the project manager assigns a project to staffs. Such projects have got deadlines and threshholds targets. Projects managers ensures that the targets are achieved. This will facilitate the staff to be productive (Baligh, 2006). Specialization. Employees are placed at their functional areas by the line managers since the project superviours expects them to accomplish specific tasks under their areas of specialization. Specialization enables the employees to exercise creativity. Creativity is an avenue for creation and improvement of products and services (Galbraith, 2008). Through creation and improvement of products and services the company gains competive edge over the competitors. The improved goods ancompetitve edged services will facilitate the company to acquire over the exsting competitoers while creation of new products and sercices will counter he new markert entrants competitors. Breadth of skill Most coporate projects are broad. Employess from different departments are expected to cordinate in completion of such tasks. Therefore, employees are in constant contact with others who have distinct skills. In efforts to complete project, a particulat ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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