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Starbucks Company - Research Paper Example

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Starbucks Company The history of Starbucks Company traces way back to 1971. During its humble beginnings, the company was recognized as a retailer and a roaster of ground coffee and whole bean, spices and tea with just a single store located in Seattle’s Pike Place Market…
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Starbucks Company Research Paper
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"Starbucks Company"

Download file to see previous pages The Company’s mission is to “inspire and nature the human spirit-one person, one cup and one neighborhood at a time.” The company has dedicated itself to serving people with the best coffee that the prevailing market can possibly offer. Starbucks’ main goal is to ensure that all their coffee is grown and natured under high quality standards, which they realize through the use of ethical sourcing practices. The intended suppliers of the company’s coffee personally tour its coffee firms in Africa, Asia and Latin America in order to select arabica beans of highest quality. Once the buyers have selected the beans, they are brought to the company’s roasting plants where experts bring out the rich flavor and balance of the beans via Starbucks Roast TM signature. Starbucks is committed to conducting its business responsibly and conducting themselves in ways that earn their partners, customers and neighbors respect and trust (“Starbucks Company Profile”). The purpose of this paper is to describe how Starbucks Company uses the four management functions: Planning, organizing, influencing and controlling to achieve its goals. Starbucks Planning function Effective planning helps an organization in achieving its goals and objectives. The process often commences with the reviewing of the organization’s current operations and identifying the loopholes that need to be operationally improved. As such, planning encompasses the envisioning of the outcomes to be achieved by the organization and the necessary steps for achieving desired success. Success is often measured in terms of goals or financial terms including high rating of the organization based on the satisfaction of their customers. All businesses including Starbucks require a plan in order to grow and survive in their respective industries. Plans are significant in guiding Starbucks to accomplish its desired goals and objectives. The planning process is an essential element of an organization’s performance as it helps a business and its managers in determining processes needed to achieve the goals of the company. In any competitive industry, it is difficult to encounter businesses as frequently as is the case with Starbucks. The Starbucks Company has retails located in each and every street corner, a factor that places its retail shops right at the doorsteps of its customers. This makes it extremely convenient for consumers to buy a cup of coffee at a premium price while home, at the office or out for a fun day. The company’s functional plan organized along with its business plan has helped it to achieve a near monopoly in the coffee industry. Executive managers and company employees work hand in hand to ensure their customers are satisfied. Starbucks does not only train its employees on the hard production skills, but also on the soft skills on how best to interact with the customers and other stakeholders. Soft skills are such as donning an inviting smile or creating a friendly eye contact with the potential customers. In terms of legendary service, the Company remembers its regular customers and their preferred drinks. Starbucks is a service oriented companies that ensures a high degree of customer contact and visibility. It is of great significance for the company to continue training their employees with the sole aim of perfecting their service to both casual and regular customers since it is ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Starbucks Company Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 Words.
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Starbucks company
...?Starbucks Company Starbucks Corporation, Washington based coffeehouse chain, is the largest coffeehouse company of the world. The business started in early seventies when Jerry Baldwin, an English teacher, Zev Siegel, a history teacher, and Gordon Bowker, a writer opened the first outlet called “Starbucks Coffee, Tea, and Spice” with investment of $1,350 each, and they had borrowed $5,000 more from bank (Auch-Roy, 3). Today, Starbucks Corporation is a huge profit making company in coffee business, earning in excess of $600 million in 2004. The financial status of the company is firm. The net income for...
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Starbucks company
...?Short Term Objective & Action Plans Starbucks Company, like other companies has the need for short term objectives and action plans to enforce the short term objectives. Short term objectives allow a company to achieve goals within a one year’s time frame. Starbucks Company has short term objectives that help achieve long term objectives. Increasing customer service is a short term objective that Starbucks Company puts into action by training managers and employees to handle different situations that may arise and how to handle them. Another short term objective for Starbucks...
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Starbucks Coffee Company
...?Starbucks Case Study View on Starbuck’s business model Unlike other stores, Starbucks avoided the licensee model. Starbuck’s business model is based on brand loyalty. Starbuck’s took a generic low-priced product (coffee), differentiated it and gave it a name and a symbol, fit it into people’s behaviour patterns, and backed it up with exceptional value through service. The result is that people developed a personal and long-term relationship with the brand. a. Based on consumer behaviour (Griffin, 2011: 494-5) The company’s business model has created value out of consumer behaviour. Starbucks was conceptualized as a...
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...a limited variety of products, with its main product coffee. There is need for diversification in the kind of products offered to the customers as a company attracts all types of people to its stores. Some people may want to meet in the Starbucks stores, but one does not take coffee but prefers soft drinks such as Pepsi, however, since the company does not store Pepsi as part of its products, these potential customers are likely to opt for another place to hold their meeting. Starbucks enjoys high popularity from its customers due to the high quality drinks and snacks that it provides to the people. Its coffee, being the best in the market has a great taste and smell....
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...? Assignment 3 - Starbucks Starbucks Statistical Technique Statistics provide a tool for the identification and evaluation of the defects in a particular production process or operation. In order to measure and maintain the quality of a product or service it is important to devise a method of control. In terms of statistics, it is called Statistical Quality Control (SQC) which consists of a set of tools and procedures that allow the evaluation of quality. SQC is divided into descriptive statistics, Statistical Process Control (SPC), and acceptance sampling (Reid & Sanders 2011). In the case of Starbucks the most appropriate statistical method is SPC which is used to determine whether an...
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Starbucks Marketing the target market was limited. Brand name was starting to build all over North America. Starbucks ensured customer service through their partners. Price Starbucks competed in the market as a premium priced coffee brand. Place Starbucks opened 140 locations in North America and Canada and was having the place advantage in 1992. This ultimately was the main aim of Starbucks. i.e. To increase the retail outlets. Promotion In 1992, there was no focus on advertising and Labor force but with the growth of retail outlets, the company was still reluctant in increasing the Labor force, which is the company's major expense....
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...Starbucks Coffee Company 6. Market product focus a) Marketing and product objectives Starbucks have always used a number of marketing strategies gain and maintain the market grip that they currently enjoy. Their marketing objectives has always been dominating the industry by becoming the most recognize chain coffeehouses globally (Gilbert 111). It can be said that the marketing strategies that they used have been fruitful to them in a number of ways. The market strategies that they have used over the years include running at an initial loss while targeting more profits in the future. This strategy helps in enabling the company to get a tight grip on the market. During...
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Starbucks Company: strategic management
...Starbucks Company: strategic management Thesis statement Starbucks seeks to inspire and nurture the human spirit through principles such as making sure that their coffee is of the highest quality possible. Vision and mission Starbucks aims at making their services seem like a partnership between them and the other stakeholders in making the society a better place (Kapferer, 2012). They also engage their customers in their production through seeking their feedback and acting on them. The company has a mission of actively involving themselves in creating a good neighborhood through the provision of a venue where people can convene and improve their social relationships (Winter & Szulanski, 2001). They also aim at making sure... that they...
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Globalization and Technology Changes in Starbucks Company
...Globalization and Technology Changes in Starbucks Company Globalization and technological changes has been mentioned as the major driving force in today’s business. Starbucks Company has not been spared the impacts of these changes as its growth continually depicts a side by side alignment with the changes. Talking about globalization, Starbucks Company has seen a growth in the diversity of its products, thanks to expansion of its operation to international levels. The popular “Innovative concepts” has been used as a tool to ensure Sustainable growth while preserving the integrity of the company’s core business. Here...
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...Starbucks Summary of Kohnen, Gordon and Hajdu Articles Starbucks is known all over the world and has become a popular brand in recent years. Howard Schultz is the creator of Starbucks, and the first store opened in Seattle in 1971 (Kohnen 64). The company is always changing as one can see by following Starbucks’ logo’s history (Gordon 23), and the brand seeks to be youthful and relevant (22). Although known best for its coffee, instant or in-store (22), Starbucks has been known to branch out into other areas such as music and personalized beverages (Hajdu 23). Schultz and Starbucks employees have managed to acquire...
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