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Fireplace Paper - Coursework Example

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C20 Fireplace C20 Fireplace Inventory management is an important process of a successful business (Gardner 2004). C20 Fireplace inventory consists of raw materials and finished products. Each of these two elements translates into money for the company…
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Fireplace Coursework Paper
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Download file to see previous pages This information is usually relevant for the company because it enables it to reorder and maintain enough stock quantities to meet the customers demand. The inventory that the company has in stock is calculated at the end of every month. The inventory management process in C20 is not limited to documenting raw materials and the distribution of the raw materials into production process. Raw materials movement through the different steps, the operational stages is covered. Tracking the raw materials as they are used to generate fireplaces assists the company in identifying the need to alter order amounts so that the raw materials records does not get riskily small or it is overstated to a point that is unfavorable. The company also keeps records of finished goods that are displayed in the showrooms. This means that the company posts the newly produced fireplaces to the inventory totals and it also subtracts the goods sold. One of the components of C20 inventory is the tiles stock. There are different tiles that are used by the company in making fireplaces. These are quarry tiles, grazed tiles 6”, glazed tiles 4”, 6”?2” tiles, kerb tiles, and biscuit tiles. Under each and every type of tile, there are different subtypes of tiles. For instance, under the quarry tiles, there are black, black (seconds), and red tiles. Under glazed tiles 6”, there are B.Black, V. ...
4” 13 sq yard ?17.00 ?221.00 6?2 openings 375 Pieces ?0.55 ?206.25 4?4 openings 800 Pieces ?0.55 ?440.00 Hand Cast openings 150 Pieces ?0.55 ?82.50 The old stock total value is also added to the total values of the tiles in the inventory. The inventory records also have the original unrestored stocks. These are fireplaces that are either removed from houses being demolished or renovated, or which are simply bought from owners. Under the original unrestored stocks, there are sub-categories such as original wood mantles, original C.I. fireplaces, and original stoves. The sub-categories quantities, unit value, and their total value is calculated. The company inventory also has the engineering stocks such as mica, fire ropes; cement (Fire), Discs, W/Rods and Nuts and Bolts. The engineering stocks quantity, unit, unit value and total value of the sub types are then calculated and sub totals of the tiles calculated. The next item in the company inventory is the slabbing supplies. These supplies consist of steel reinforcement, slablyte, fondu, snowcrite, cast plaster, glue, fire rope, glazes, and sand. The quantity, unit, unit value, and total value of the supplies are then calculated and sub totals of the supplies offered. The other items in the inventory are fire accessories, new wood pellet stock, safety wear, blunger, and display stock. The quantity, unit, unit value, and total value of these items is calculated and their sub-totals offered. The tiles subtotal, original unrestored subtotal, engineering stock subtotal, slabbing sub total, fire accessories subtotal, safety wear subtotal, blunger sub total, and display subtotal are added up to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Fireplace Coursework Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 Words.
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