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Transactional leadership vs transformatioanl leadership - Research Paper Example

This paper draws a comparison and contrast between the transformational leadership and transactional leadership. Two people relate to each other depending upon their level of exchange which can be anything ranging from money to material. The greater the exchange, the stronger the relation between the two becomes. Managers expect the employees to be more productive in order to be eligible for more and/or greater rewards. Therefore, the manager and the employee enter a deal, wherein the manager offers something in compensation for the increased productivity. Likewise, leaders tell the citizens the benefits they would gain by voting for him/her. Managers also have a system in place wherein they punish the employees for any misconduct that they might display in the workplace. “Unlike the rewards, punishment is not often mentioned ahead, but subordinates already have the general idea as it is usually stated and agreed in the terms and conditions of the organization to successfully achieve its goals” (Dems). Such a relationship between the manager/leader and the employees/citizens is termed as transactional and the manager/leader is a transactional leader. At several occasions, people do one another favors without expectations in return. For example, parents spend upon their children. They provide for them financially and are always there to assist them emotionally and psychologically. Not many parents do this because they expect a return from the children. Parents’ love for the children is unconditional.

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Psychology, for example, is the science dedicated to studying human behavior and its adaptation to different circumstances. On the other hand, there is marketing and business studies, which specifically study the psyche of individuals in organizations at various levels and examine the way they adapt to their surroundings.
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Power, on the other hand, refers to the capacity that a leader has to influence the behaviour of his or her followers in accordance to what they wish. This paper seeks to discuss how leaders exhibit leadership, influence and power in contingency, transformational and charismatic leadership theories.
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ers believe in his extra-ordinary capacity to handle the issues in his own style to deliver the desired result. So, the basic characteristic of leadership is trust of followers in ‘leader’s capacity. There are several theories on ‘leadership’ but at the end it is trust of followers and leader’s capacity to deliver, which counts most.
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In this project, various relevant features will be highlighted that are required for developing proper leadership qualities in such a way so that these can influence other people to follow and value those leadership qualities in the most promising manner.
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As a function of understanding this, the following research will focus upon the means Meg Whitman, CEO of HP, engenders the qualities that have developed her into the leader that she has become (McCLEAN et al., 2013). The first aspect of leadership that can be observed is with regards to the fact that Meg Whitman provides a unique level of interest with regards to the subjects he discussed with stakeholders within HP; acting as a prime motivator for how the shareholder viewed the product or the situation in question.
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hat the management is the one that influences most of what happens in an organization but a potion of it still comes from contributions from junior employees. Bearing this in mind it is therefore possible to have various problems affecting an organization solved by the junior
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Such an unconditional relationship between two or more people is called as transformational relationship. It is not uncommon for a leader to adopt the transformational leadership style. Leaders exhibiting transformational leadership work with the followers to achieve goals of mutual interest. In the course of the achievement of goal, the leader puts the followers at front and takes measures to help them develop. This way, the leader takes the followers to the next level in terms of their motivation, skill and the competence as a whole. Consequently, the followers feel an urge to rise above their self-interests so that superior goals can be achieved. Transformational leadership requires the leader to have a charismatic personality. The leaders need to have that additional inspiring force and charisma that motivates the followers to follow his/her instructions for reasons beyond their personal benefits. “Leaders are distinguished by their capacity to inspire and provide individualized consideration, intellectual stimulation and idealized influence to their followers” (Babou). Transformational leaders activate emotions in others as a result of which, they feel motivated to act in a way that is more than a mere exchange of relations. They have a sound vision and management skills. On the other hand, “[Transactional] Leadership depends on the leader’s power to reinforce subordinates for their successful completion of the bargain” (Babou). Transactional leader know and make use of the association between efforts and rewards. Transactional leadership is responsive. It is directed at the achievement of present issues. One of the most fundamental elements of the transformational leadership is that they strive for change (“Transactional Leadership Vs.”). In fact, this is what makes the transformatio
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12 December 2011. Transformational Leadership vs Transactional Leadership Leadership can be of numerous types. An individual that assumes the position of a leader may always keep exhibiting the same type of leadership or may change it from one type to another depending upon the circumstances…
Author : annabeljakubows
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Transactional leadership vs transformatioanl leadership
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This research paper was always my weak point. I could never finish it successfully. Still, after I found this precise document, I understood how it should be done. So, I performed my research afterward and completed the research paper in several hours, instead of months as it was previously.
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