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FedEx corporation and Bowmans strategy clock - Assignment Example

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The Bowman’s Strategy Clock considers the different strategy options required for increasing the competitiveness of firms and influence its sustainable growth. The paper evaluates the strategies of FedEx with respect to the Bowman’s Strategy Clock in the context of the present day world…
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FedEx corporation and Bowmans strategy clock
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Extract of sample "FedEx corporation and Bowmans strategy clock"

Download file to see previous pages (Bowman Strategy Clock, 2009) FedEx caters to global customers and business houses with a wide range of application, business packages as well as e-commerce services. It occupies the most trusted employer’s position in the world, supporting above 275000 human resources and contractors and maintaining immense professional benchmarks and customers’ requirements on regular basis (FedEx, 2011). Taking up the case of FedEx can serve as a case of analysis for the paper and the issues taken up for study cover the strategies of the company and an evaluation of the current and future position of the same. Bowman’s strategic clock and its success factors According to the Bowman’s strategic clock, there are six core strategic options (overall eight options) if properly represented, resemble the pattern of a clock hence named ‘the strategic clock’. According to Bowman, the first strategic option is low added value, which is likely to be specified by segments. The second strategic option is the low price of the products that helps in reducing the risks associated with price war and that with low margins. The third strategic option is hybrid that considers a base of low cost, availability of the options of reinvestment in low priced products and differentiation. The fourth strategic option is differentiation of products that can again be subdivided into two separate categories. The first category consists of those without a price premium that helps in yielding benefits from the market share through the process of value addition as perceived by the users. The second category is with the system of price premium that contains within itself sufficient added values as perceived so as to bear the price premium. The fifth strategy is called focused differentiation that...
The FedEx, the biggest delivery company of the United States of America followed the strategy options prescribed by Bowman to gain sustainability through the achievement of competitive advantages over the other firms of the industry. The criterion of suitability is use to access the extent of the fitting of a proposed strategy and its contribution to the improvement of the competitive position of the firm and its sustainability. Feasibility of any strategy is the assessment of the successful implementation of a particular strategy. Acceptability on the other hand relates strongly to the people’s expectation about a particular strategy option taken by the firm. (Evaluation Criteria, n.d) The unique operating strategies undertaken by FedEx are the collective competition that enables each and every sub segment of the company to use the brand name for the marketing of their products. The second strategy is the independent operation of the firms under the company that focuses on meeting the distinct needs of the customers and handles them separately with proper individual care. The third strategy is the management of the firm collaboratively that is to work together under the loyalty of the workforce the customers and the investors of the company. All these strategies valued the people in promoting diversity, the service with full positive spirit, the innovation and the integrity of the organization increasing efficiency, reliability, and honesty. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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