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Middle Managers Contribution to the Growth of the Multinational Organization in the Global Market Place - Term Paper Example

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This paper talks about globalization which has come to change how organizations operate internally. Multinational organizations are the ones that have been heavily affected by globalization trends. Multinationals operate in an intensely competitive business environment. …
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Middle Managers Contribution to the Growth of the Multinational Organization in the Global Market Place
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Extract of sample "Middle Managers Contribution to the Growth of the Multinational Organization in the Global Market Place"

Download file to see previous pages This essay stresses that middle managers are believed to be important contributors towards overall company strategy. They hold interface positions which facilitate their power to mediate between various variables that are of importance to strategic formulation. This position also facilitates acquisition of necessary knowledge to back the basis of strategy formulation making them important stakeholders in decision making processes. They are also the link between the internal and external environments of an organization and as such are able to develop more credible PESTLE . At this point it is important to analyze the most important strategic roles of middle managers in ensuring success in the global market.
This paper makes a conclusion that the role of middle managers in the growth of multinational corporations has increasingly become relevant as global competition intensifies. Organizations need to utilize their knowledge and expertise in order to understand both the local and global markets. With the rapid changes in technology and product development better strategies need to be formulated and implemented appropriately so as to achieve competitive advantage. The realization that this is only possible with the involvement and dedication from the middle managers has shifted the direction from which valuable strategic information emanates from. It is now the onus of these managers to embrace the difficult multifaceted tasks in driving forward their global organizations to the next level in the global competitive ladder....
The global market place is wide with a huge customer base. However, few organizations have managed to tap the huge potential even after establishing themselves globally basically because of producing poor quality products or products that are not matching with customer tastes. Strategy formulation and strategies themselves can be superb and capable of steering a multinational organization to more markets abroad but if they are poorly implemented, the results can be disastrous. Middle managers ensure that strategies are effectively implemented by ensuring and maintaining competence within teams and in individuals. This paper will look into the Middle Manager’s contribution towards the growth of a multinational organization in the global market place. For a multinational to be fully global it is required to expand its wings either through acquisitions or by replicating its business operations. The best businesses to acquire are those that are already heavily involved in the value chain in countries or regions the multinational intends to venture into. As such it will be relatively easy to take up the pace in developing brands in foreign markets. The top management of a multinational organization considers two variables in constructing the organizational framework. These are the company’s strategic positioning in all regions of operations and company history coupled with its administrative heritage (Delany, 2000). All the subsidiaries’ operations need to be harnessed to match those of the major organization. As a result, globalization has made multinational organizations to reduce variability in operations of their subsidiaries by rationalizing their activities especially the duplicated ones. This ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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