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A Case Study on a Work Team in Electronics Company: A Treatise on Organization Behavior - Research Paper Example

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This essay will present an investigation of behavior in a work group for an electronics company. This particular work group is composed of eight employees and their supervisor, formed one unit of an electronics company. It was called the ‘the instrument team’. …
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A Case Study on a Work Team in Electronics Company: A Treatise on Organization Behavior
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Extract of sample "A Case Study on a Work Team in Electronics Company: A Treatise on Organization Behavior"

Download file to see previous pages It is widely recognized that the social reality for the employee in manufacturing exists in the environment of his/her work team.5 Within this setting s/he attains contentment or encounters frustration of his/her necessity for meaningful task and affectionate social ties.6 Managers in their everyday task may become responsive to the presence of small work teams as social organizations when they try to initiate change and experience opposition or resentment; or when they become involved in issues of efficiency and experience hostility to processes intended to enhance productivity.7 It is at these aspects where the rational, purposive features of business appear to conflict with the rigid facts of social organization that the actual introduction of conduct in work teams becomes apparent.8 Unless managers first recognize the social role and structure of work teams, there will be a weak foundation for successful communication concerning the vision and mission of the organization. This study was conducted in an electronics group, one manufacturing unit of a budding organization. Eight men and their manager composed the group. The interesting aspect of the work team, and the one which caught the attention and curiosity of the author was its high level of diversity. Aspects distinguishing one individual from another were to be located in the workers’ social backgrounds and their tasks. Given this delineation, the author created the major question for this study: What was the root, if any, for the development of a productive group? This main question was especially relevant in view of the fact that the task itself required modest need for cooperation, but instead stressed...
This essay stresses that the pursuit for new leadership and management styles looks for ways of renewing the challenge of individual development and growth for group members through meaningful and effective task. The attainment of social gratifications through interactions and relationships at work is a precondition for development and growth; however, social gratifications will vanish as well if the innovative capacity in a group is misused. With no challenge to a task, discontentment and tediousness eventually prevail.
This report makes a conclusion that suitable organizational reinforcement of discussion processes is important, but it should also go alongside the training of managers for skilled performance. It is outside the range of this conclusion to address in any degree the challenging issue of training. There is a great deal of testing in progress and this essay encourages everyone to become knowledgeable of the different models that are being experimented. Whatever the disparities in contemporary training models, several of the most striking approaches try to surpass mere oral ability about the groups’ leadership. They are trying to initiate change in the behavior of management through enlarged ability in evaluating the role and structure of groups, and the mechanisms of communication in personal contexts. They aim to build ability in listening and reacting to oral behavior in groups and to assist managers in becoming responsible and self-aware individuals. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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