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Measurement of human processes (Project Management) - Assignment Example

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Project Management Name: Lecturer: Course: Date: Discussion 1 Failure of project management to achieve its goals For any successful project the employment of services of a project manager is paramount. A project manager is tasked with many functions to ensure that the project succeeds…
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Measurement of human processes (Project Management)
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Extract of sample "Measurement of human processes (Project Management)"

Download file to see previous pages Therefore, the development of a good visual system is of tremendous benefit to the project manager. A paper system in binders is a poor way of keeping people informed. This drags the organization behind in progress tracking and reporting (Kerzer, 74). Poor scheduling or resource management (mismanagement) by the project manager often leads increasing your chances of project failure. This is because managing any project is managing a schedule, but a schedule is typically a collection of resources that are being managed on a schedule. There is poor scheduling on elicitation techniques, use cases, user screen design specifications, reports, business rules, functional, and the non-functional requirements (76). Weak requirements definitions which lead to planning inadequacy, this is brought about by the project manager failing to identify his or her target. One way of identifying project requirements is by describing how the end results look like in measurable terms. Requiring of a soft ware that is easy to use is an objective measure of our testing. Poor requirements lead to poor development and design. A software program ends up doing the wrong things for the users resulting in massive re-tests and rework. According to Kerzer (78) he asserts that inadequate planning, risks, resources, and assumptions by the project manager often leads to a failed project. ...
This may be attributed to the fact that you may not be trained in the utilization of that software or technology. Ineffective quality controls which make you to deliver what the client does not want. The poor balances and check systems results in these ineffective quality controls. In addition, most of the projects have a system of correcting problems but do not have a system of corrective action Managing multiple projects at the same time or multi-tasking resources goes against, less is more, and focus is power. Multitasking introduces schedule risk and complexity which impacts negatively on all projects involved. Supply chain failures which emanates from contracted work. Managing of contractors is an inherent risk because they may not be having the level of skills required for the job. Contractors also have that tendency to multitask so as to stay busy thus introducing complexity and schedule risk. Scope creep or poor analysis of impacts has an effect on the schedule, budget, and resources. It means there is an increase in the on what is delivered without a corresponding increase in resources to the project timeline. This can actually be alleviated by performing good impact analysis and clarification of real requirements. Another failure of project is attributed to lack of qualified resources and personnel. This makes you to question your resources thus giving the wrong task to the wrong person (Anderson, 1). Discussion 2 I have the following characteristics; visionary, decisive, a good motivator, technically competent, and support team members. Those that I need to work on are being a good motivator, encouraging new ideas, and standing up to top management when necessary. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Measurement of Human Processes (Project Management) Assignment)
Measurement of Human Processes (Project Management) Assignment.
“Measurement of Human Processes (Project Management) Assignment”, n.d.
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