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Role of Strategic Entrepreneurship in forming Temporary Competitive Advantage resulting in Value Creation - Dissertation Example

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The Role of Strategic Entrepreneurship in forming the Temporary Competitive Advantage resulting in Value Creation TABLE OF CONTENTS Page 1 Introduction 4 1.1 Background 6 1.2 Problem orientation 7 1.3 Research question 8 1.4 Research method 8 1.5 Structure of this thesis 8 2 Review of Strategic Entrepreneurship 9 2.1 What is strategic entrepreneurship?…
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Role of Strategic Entrepreneurship in forming Temporary Competitive Advantage resulting in Value Creation
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Download file to see previous pages rce orchestration 36 2.8 Theory construct of entrepreneurship 37 2.9 Theory construct of strategic entrepreneurship 38 2.10 Conceptual framework 40 2.11 The association between strategic entrepreneurship and competitive Advantage 43 2.12 Limitations of prior research 44 2.13 Summary 44 3 Research methodology 46 3.1 Introduction 46 3.2 Research philosophy and approach 47 3.2.1 Positivism 47 3.2.2 Deductive approach 49 3.3 Research strategy for qualitative and quantitative research 50 3.2.1 Qualitative research approach 50 3.2.2 Quantitative research approach 52 3.2.3 Biases in using case study, qualitative methods quantitative methods 53 3.3.4 Eliminating biases in case study methods, qualitative methods and quantitative methods 54 3.4 Research method and design 55 3.4.1 Case study 55 3.4.2 Interview 56 3.4.3 Survey 56 3.4.4 Observation 58 3.5 Sampling 59 3.5.1 The sample size 60 3.5.2 Simple random sampling 60 3.6 Data collection and analysis procedures 60 3.6.1 Structural equation modeling 61 3.7 Summary 62 References 64 CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION Michael Porter promotes the idea that in order to grab hold of competitive advantage, competitive strategies are necessary for a certain organization to realize its corporate goal that would lead the firm to become a cut above the other (Porter 34). Porter tries to justify this point by embarking on the potential theoretical concepts associated with how a firm would achieve its competitive position in its industry or marketplace. As long as competitive advantage is a primary consideration, there is a relevant truth pertaining to the ultimate capacity of competitive strategies to help an organization realize its prevailing plans and objectives, as it could be either defensive or offensive actions that could ensure defendable position in the industry (Porter 34). The existence of competitive strategies is common everywhere today because of the tough competition, particularly in the realm of business. Strategic entrepreneurship is one detailed subject in this area, where strategic management perspectives are present in order to pursue sound and excellent entrepreneurship for an existing firm’s competitive advantage, the very reason why many studies surfaces in order to understand why other firms generated successful performance and others do not (Rezaian and Naeiji 3). Strategic entrepreneurship is a common theme especially in the age of global economy, by which the organizations have the chance to explore a vast stretch of market area. Competition has become so tough, but one ultimate way out in order to make a difference is to secure a move towards strategic entrepreneurship to achieve competitive advantage. This is relevant to some existing companies at present where they initiated global strategic alliance for instance in order to define more critical point of doing entrepreneurship that would make a difference in their industry or specific market niche. They have strong orientation towards competitive advan ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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