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Security Issues Related to the Expansion of the City Airport - Research Paper Example

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  The report attempts to respond to critical questions related to the airport expansion security and implications. This paper emphasizes the importance of the deterministic analysis in order to measure all the factors that could influence and be influenced by the airport expansion. …
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Security Issues Related to the Expansion of the City Airport
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Extract of sample "Security Issues Related to the Expansion of the City Airport"

Download file to see previous pages Security issues related to the expansion of the city airport In post 9/11 world the security and protection are increasingly challenging tasks. Managers and business leaders have an important role, especially the security managers. The city airport is a busy airport operating close to its capacity. The expansion project includes the construction of a new runway and terminal. This is not an unusual situation, many other airports around the world. In this paper is presented the lessons learned with Chicago and Minneapolis airport expansion The implications related to an airport expansion are several. They are related to political issues, construction and environmental and demanding during the operation ( Neufville, 2008). From a Security Manager perspective produce a report about this project. This report will respond to the following questions: What are the full range of risks faced? What should the security strategy be? What additional security products and services might be needed? What special organisational structures might need to be created? What can be learnt from comparable projects that have occurred? What links might be developed with the public policing agencies, media and interest groups? Is there scope for security to be organised and arranged to bring financial benefits to the company? Would you advise the Board to reconsider their decision? In order to improve the efficiency in the process of decision making is important to define and measure all the benefits and risks of the airport expansion. It’s recommended a SWOT analysis. Risks Faced The airport expansion has associated major sources of uncertain and risks. “In the current climate, long-term forecasts cannot be developed with any degree of confidence. On the contrary, as has been extensively documented, forecasts of airport traffic today are ‘always wrong’.” ( Neufville, 2008). As said the expansion of the airport will the constructed on the adjacent land which is currently a small forest. Next to it there is a country park popular with local residents, which includes: children’s play area, lake with ducks/swans etc, football pitches. There is also a housing estate next to the park and forest with over 1500 residents. The proximity with the existing infrastructure implies some risks to the success of the project. The risks and uncertainties over the lifespan of the expansion could be divided into three major groups: - Political issues and Government policy; - Construction and environmental; - Demand during operation. Political issues and Government policy The project of the airport expansion requires government and local authority permits. These processes are intrinsically related to the decision-making process those entities. Therefore the delays in the decision-making process are a risk. When depending on the decision of those authorities the project could be affected by too many advances and drawbacks.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Security Issues Related to the Expansion of the City Airport Research Paper)
Security Issues Related to the Expansion of the City Airport Research Paper.
“Security Issues Related to the Expansion of the City Airport Research Paper”, n.d.
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At first, I thought 13 of pages is too much for such a topic. But now I see it could not be done smarter. As the author starts you see the depth of the issue. I’ve read all at once. Great research

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