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Modern techniques and methods of management - Term Paper Example

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Modern techniques and methods of management First name, Second name Date Course Institute Modern techniques and methods of management Considerably, several articles illustrate the phenomena of management and performance measures. Thus, here are three articles by Mark H, Gary Lockwood and Jim Clemmer that illustrates the authors’ views on the perception of management as well as the performance measurements…
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Modern techniques and methods of management
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Download file to see previous pages Mark uses an automobile dashboard to bring out the point that the system should be able to predict the result of the score prior to the daily keeping of records. According to the article, the clarity and dynamic relationship is clearly illustrated between the process measures and result measures. Pertinently, it is not only important to identify the process of the final score but also the final score in its exact outcome at the end of the process. The measured process is vital in the evaluation of the whole process and procedures in an organization, which is pertinent since one, is capable to change the direction of the process to suit his or her expectations. In conclusion, Mark Henderson rates the accuracy of the dashboard as follows (Doshi, 2008.p.123). He says, the dashboards are not accurate machines to prompt the user on the specific problem. Rather it gives directions or assumptions on what might be wrong. On the other hand, Gary Lockwood directs his arguments still on the dashboard as the measurement of effective management. Therefore, the article argues that the dashboard is the best system in the measurement of the organizational profit. ...
He adds that, with its consistence use, the dashboard shows the weakness of the organization’s operation (Drucker, & Maciariello, 2008.p. 321). In summary, Gary Lockwood recommends the above phenomena to the entrepreneurs in that, he urges them to use dashboard consistently in order to coerce their business directly. According to Jim Clemmer, he affirms that currently there are too many measures formulated to solve the internal needs of an organization. In one way or another, the above measures can be used to serve satisfactorily the management’s control and command paranoia. Notable is the fact that many measures are used to gauge several departments including the human resource as well as other supportive departments. Despite the fact that many managers rely on the measurement of finance in an organization, as the basic indicator of the health of an organization, it is advisable to base on history, which is the bottom line for a healthy organization. Here, history means the today’s consequences, results from yesterday’s decision of management (Epstein, 2004.p.201). He argues that what is expected to be measured is the usefulness of the information and not data, as argued by Mark and Gary above. In summary Jim puts it that, regular measurement does not in any way change the situation, in addition, he takes his own example and demonstrates that when he weighs himself ten times daily, that alone wont change his current weight. Therefore, the measurement is only indicators of what is happening but not a way of evading the reality. Moreover, with correct data, one is capable to further improve and transform of the organization effectively. Therefore, it is advisable to first choose the right tool, then ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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