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The impact of electricity deregulation on customers and employees in Qatar - Dissertation Example

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The impact of electricity deregulation on customers and employees in Qatar Abstract The following paper researches the culture sets of KAHRAMAA such that it endeavours to outline the effects of deregulation on the organisation in terms of both the employees and consumers…
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The impact of electricity deregulation on customers and employees in Qatar
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Extract of sample "The impact of electricity deregulation on customers and employees in Qatar"

Download file to see previous pages The paper incorporates both secondary and primary research study of the issues relating to the issue of deregulation being set in as in how it tends to affect the internal and external operations of the concern. It tends to draw useful inferences through the conduct of such research to thereby arrive at final conclusions and recommendations. ...
.2.1 Interview findings 51 5.3 Questionnaires 52 5.3.1 Findings from surveyed managers and employees 52 5.3.2 Strategy fit with Qatar vision 2030 56 5.3.3 Findings from surveyed customer 58 5.3.3 Understanding KAHRAMAA strategy and objectives by employees 58 5.3.4 KAHRAMAA strategy development policy 60 5.3.5 Employee’s involvement in strategy development 61 5.3.6 The impact of non involvement of employees on strategy development 62 5.3.7 Low employees’ motivation and moral 63 5.3.8 Low initiatives to participate in strategy development 66 5.3.9 Perceived problems with strategy implementation 67 5.3.10 Management perception for strategy implementation problems 68 5.4 Suggestions for improving strategy implementation 69 5.5 Perception of strategy change impact on internal culture 70 5.6 The perception of the impact of KAHRAMAA deregulation strategy 72 5.7 Summary 73 Chapter 6: Analysis and discussion 74 6.1 Introduction 74 6.2 The effectiveness of deregulation at KAHRAMAA 74 6.3 The impact of strategy on KAHRAMAA culture 76 6.4 Research objectives 76 6.4 Summary 78 Chapter 7: Conclusion and recommendations 78 7.1 Introduction 78 7.2 Hypotheses 79 7.3 Limitations 80 7.4 Recommendations 81 7.4.1 Kahramaa 81 7.4.2 Future research 84 7.5 Summary 84 Bibliography 85 Appendices 91 Appendix 1: Survey / interview consent form 92 Appendix 2: Questionnaire 93 Appendix 3: Questionnaire Analysis 96 Chapter 1: Introduction Introduction Electricity deregulation along with privatisation is referred to as ‘liberalisation.’ Liberalisation is an accessible, affordable and reliable service which is replaced by ideal competition, the myth that tend to exit with consumer choice along with priority of the economic efficiency which in turn are measured by profits and also through rate ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Impact of Electricity Deregulation on Customers and Employees in Dissertation.
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