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How improve NYSE European Market Operations by Joining Cash and Derivatives - Dissertation Example

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How to Improve NYSE European Market Operations by Joining Cash & Derivatives By Nicolas Prudencio Dissertation Director: Jean-Louis Roy Agreement from the Education Committee: Name: Date: Signature: Contents Contents 2 Introduction 3 History 4 Problem Statement 5 Objectives 6 Research Questions 9 Interview Questions 10 Limitations 12 Design Method 13 Interests 15 Business Analysis 30 Goal Analysis 36 Summary 40 Conclusion 43 References 44 Introduction September 2000 brought about a huge milestone for European market trading when the Amsterdam, Paris, Brussels, and Lisbon markets all joined forces to create one cross-border organization called Euronext…
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How improve NYSE European Market Operations by Joining Cash and Derivatives
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Download file to see previous pages In an effort to create the first cross-continent exchange group, the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and Euronext combined forces on April 4, 2007, creating NYSE Euronext, which is a cash market organization. Combined with the derivative markets in Europe, NYSE Euronext now has control over both markets and numerous products and services across the globe. Each organization works independently from each other in different areas of the market exchange, but combining them could offer the potential to establish a stronger organization. The leadership of NYSE Euronext recognized the need for change within the organization if the company was going to remain solvent and continue to provide professional service to the clientele who traded from the various locations. While this merger of the two types of market would benefit all the stakeholders, working through some of the issues may offer a challenge to upper management in the process. Each location, which is governed by a hierarchy that is familiar with the rules and regulations in that particular country, manages to provide the necessary services, but NYSE Euronext’s vision was to implement a model into the organization that would bridge the gap between cultures, markets, and products. By making this change, each location could then offer the clients a variety of products and services from one location. The history of each entity played an important role in the decision to press forward with the necessary changes. History The creation of NYSE Euronext emerged from the combination of several market trading organizations getting together to merge their efforts into making the market trading more conducive to customer and client interaction (Niederauer, 2012). The Paris market had a difficult start and eventually merged four market operators into one. The SBF, Matif SA, Monep SA, and Societe de Nauveau became ParisBourse SBF SA. The Brussels market became more competitive on the international market with the passing of the Financial Transactions and Market Act in 1990. Amsterdam, the oldest market in Europe, dealt with derivative transactions, while Lisbon was an all cash market. In 2000 the Lisbon, Paris, Brussels, and Amsterdam market organizations joined forced to create the Euronext Company. There were four types of trading that took place between all of the combined companies. Global market data, trading solutions, exchange solutions, and global connectivity. With the introduction of technology to the trading industry, Euronext was able to improve the exchange of stocks and other forms of trading across the globe (Niederauer, 2012). Once the NYSE joined the Euronext collective, cross-border trading escalated to beyond comprehension of any one individual in any one of the companies that merged into NYSE Euronext. The inclusion of LIFFE to the Euronext group prompted the need for one group of analysts to oversee the needs of the company, which was spread across great distances. In order to create a cohesive team of traders, the hierarchy of NYSE Euronext and LIFFE ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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