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The Training Techniques of Staff in this Global Era - Research Paper Example

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 This paper analyzes three staffing approaches that organizations use as they expand their operations to other countries along with their advantages and challenges of each of the approaches. The report then highlights how training is managed in this global era. …
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The Training Techniques of Staff in this Global Era
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Download file to see previous pages Organizations have adopted three recruitment and staffing strategies as they expand their operations to other countries and these approaches or strategies have been discussed below: 2.1. Ethnocentric strategy or Ethnocentric approach One of the approaches that organizations adapt to recruit and hire employees when expanding to other parts of the world is the ethnocentric approach. In this approach, the management fills the most important or managerial positions by bringing employees from the parent country. Such an approach is termed as the ethnocentric approach. One of the reasons for following such a strategy is that the organization would like to keep the same organizational culture even in another country. So, because of this reason, they would like to have employees from their own country rather than hiring the nationals (Boussebaa, and Morgan, 2008). 2.1.1. Positive of Ethnocentric approach One of the positives about the ethnocentric approach is that the company would be able to maintain the same corporate or organizational culture regardless of the country in which it is operating. Also by hiring expatriates, the organization would be able to have experienced and skills employees at the topmost position and thus it can be helpful for the organization. 2.1.2. Challenges of Ethnocentric approach One of the major challenges that organizations following ethnocentric approach faces are cultural myopia. In other words, the organization will be having employees from its parent country and these employees might not be able to understand the cultural values of the national country. Therefore it might lead to cultural myopia and thus, the organization would suffer in the long run. There is another negative aspect regarding adapting ethnocentric approach is that as national employees would only be restricted to the lower level and would not be able to take on the managerial positions, therefore, they would not be motivated and thus, in the long run, their morale and performance would hurt. In turn, this would influence the organizational productivity in the long run. The ethnocentric approach can be expensive as well because the organization would have to pay high compensation packages to the expatriates working in another country and this could influence the profitability of the company. 2.2. Polycentric approach The second approach that organizations use regarding hiring employees in another country is the polycentric approach. In this approach, the organization hires employees from the national country. Top management is also filled with people belonging to the national country. 2.2.1. Positive of Polycentric approach The positive aspect of the polycentric approach is that the company would not have to face the issue of cultural myopia as the Nationals would be aware of the cultural values of the society. Therefore strategies can be formulated accordingly.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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