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Importance of Management in an Organization - Research Paper Example

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The need for the companies to ensure proper utilization of it physical and human resources has led to the concept of management becoming an important issue in an organization…
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Importance of Management in an Organization
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Extract of sample "Importance of Management in an Organization"

Download file to see previous pages This report considers management as an asset and a resource to the organization putting forward an explanation on its importance to the organization.
The report tries to provide a deeper and precise understanding of the management phenomena for the sustainability and the competiveness of the organization. Using a case setting of a health care and a medical service provider it is evident that management contributes greatly to the improved performance, efficiency and the competitiveness of the organization, this examination is based on the longitudinal study of this organization covering its key departments in which the concept of management is vital. The report provides the importance of management for a better organizational corporate environment attributed by good management. Finally is that the report justifies the importance of management in the interaction among the stakeholders organization which is crucial in determining the stability and the organizational future sustainability. Contents ABSTRACT 2 Contents 3 INTRODUCTION 4 RESEARCH METHODOLOGY 9 Case Study Setting 10 RESULTS 10 The Perception of the Stakeholders 12 DISCUSSION OF THE RESULTS 13 CONCLUSIONS 16 INTRODUCTION There have been ambiguities in the context of the concept of management in most organizations on its importance in the contribution to the improved performance and the overall success an organization. Most of the organizations notably both the profit and non-profit organizations have began to realize the importance of adopting best and improved management principles and practices in order to be able to establish themselves and to adapt into the current corporate environment. In regard to the principles of best management practices, management is widely recognized as the intangible asset and a resource of an organization which is the key factor towards the achievement of organizational sustainability as well as the competitive advantage thus contributing to the accelerating pace and the overall growth of the organization (Agarwal 2003). According to the various research provided by scholars, in the current corporate world the initial and traditional factors of production such as the capital, labor and land have become less important in the achievement of optimum positive economic and social returns without the incorporation of the concept of management. As the implication of this, it is notable that most of the organizations have concentrated in the investment and the creation of value and convertible economic results through the integration of management principles and practices while running the operations of the organization (David Knights 2007). The importance of management in the running of organizations has been acknowledged by most of the scholars and researchers as the major strategic resource management in the achievement of the organization competiveness and the organizational sustainability. The increased dynamicity, complexity and the complexity in the operations of the various organizations has sparked the interest and the need to adopt better and enhanced management. The key importance of management is its purpose and role in the formulation and design of management strategies, these strategies are regarded as the essential corporate resource which provides the sustainability and the competitive advantage to the organization. The major part of the workforce is the presence of qualified employees who are well educated with the relevant knowledge and experience for the designated ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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