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Studying and analyzing how General Electric applied Quality Management (QM) - Research Paper Example

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Name: Tutor: Course: Date: University: Studying and analyzing General Electric applied Quality Management Introduction Quality forms one of the chief devices, which organizations employ to achieve their goals. Quality improvement is an umbrella term encompassing a number of overlapping concepts such as continuous, organization-wide commitment and employee participation, knowledge of customer needs, systems thinking and analysis of processes, application of scientific data-driven analytic methods and employment of interdisciplinary and cross-functional teams…
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Studying and analyzing how General Electric applied Quality Management (QM)
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Download file to see previous pages Quality improvement embraces the notion that there should be a relentless, continual pursuit of excellence so as to eliminate sources of waste, inefficiencies, rework, or errors (Kuballa 2006, p.6). The core values of quality improvement encompass customer focus, systems review, data driven focus, involvement of all stakeholders, continual improvement, and process optimization (Cheng 2008, p.182). Quality management subscribes to principles such as customer focus, leadership, process approach, involvement of the people, continual improvement, fact based approach to decision making, and mutually beneficial stakeholder relationships (Hill and Jones 2010, p.5). The paper explores the influence of quality improvement and performance in organizations and to investigate the link between quality improvement practices and organizational performance. Quality Gurus Edwards Deming Deming is renowned for developing a system of statistical quality control. Deming asserted that most of the problems that confront management are systematic. His philosophy centers on advocating that quality must be incorporated into the product at all stages so as to attain a high level of excellence. Deming argued that enhanced quality results to increased productivity, which in turn, enhances lasting competitive strength. Deming incorporated what he called as the “Deming Chain reaction” and outlined fourteen points of the system at diverse levels. As quality is enhanced, costs reduce, while productivity increases resulting to enhanced market share and long term corporate survival. Deming’s theories include theory of optimization, theory of variation, theory of knowledge, and theory of Psychology. Joseph Juran Juran defines quality as fitness for use encompassing aspects such as design, conformance, availability, safety, and field use. Juran incorporated managerial dimensions of planning, organizing, and controlling directed at attaining quality. Juran advocated ten steps directed at quality improvement. Philip Crosby Crosby stresses motivation and planning as key components in improving the quality. However, he shied away from endorsing statistical process control and problem techniques that Deming and Juran advocated. Crosby proposed fourteen points critical to effective, quality practices that companies can adopt. Crosby asserted that quality is free since the minimal cost of prevention is comparatively lower compared to cost of detection, correction and failure. Armand Feigenbaum Armand Feigenbaum incorporated a Total Quality Control approach in which he defined as an effective system essential to integrating the quality development, maintenance, and improvement efforts of diverse groups in organizations geared towards enabling the production and service within economical levels. This facilitates customer satisfaction. Kaoru Ishikawa Japanese companies structured their own approach to TQM by Ishikawa, which was based on the literature of Deming and Juran. The new approach to quality was fashioned to suit their culture and operating environment together with ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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