Influence of National Culture in the Marketing Strategy of Western Supermarkets Entering China - Dissertation Example

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The dissertation aims at exploring the influence of the culture and the business strategies of the international grocery supermarket retailers of the western countries like UK, who have successfully expanded their business to China…
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Influence of National Culture in the Marketing Strategy of Western Supermarkets Entering China
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Download file to see previous pages It was important to understand this relationship, so as to analyze the effect of the same on their grocery buying habits. The research questions for the research were also selected based on the objective of the study. The questions were mainly related to the Chinese and UK culture and their major similarities and differences, the influence of cross-cultural differences on the buying habits of the people and the behavioral pattern of the Chinese consumers. The literature review was designed keeping in mind the different cultural models. With the help of these cultural models such as Hofstede’s 5 D model, Kluckhohn and Fred Strodtbeck Model, and Trompenaars’ Seven Dimensions Model has been utilized to describe the nature of Chinese consumers and the Chinese culture. An equal comparison has also been drawn with the culture of UK, to show the difference. For conducting the research on the decided problem areas, a qualitative method has been utilized. Qualitative research method has been used because the research study focuses on culture and its effect and a qualitative analyze would be best in this case. The research is conducted in two phases. In the first phase an interview session is done with the marketing managers of the three chosen supermarkets and in the second phase a questionnaire survey was conducted by choosing a sample size of 500. These respondents are the customers in China and UK. After conducting the survey and conducting an interview with the managers, it was found that the Chinese culture is tradition and UK’s culture is much modern. In China relationships, family, group shopping and friend matter a lot even in case of shopping, while in UK these things does not play any significant role. Table of Contents CHAPTER I – INTRODUCTION 7 1.1Aims and Objectives of the Study 11 1.2Problem Statement 12 1.3 Research Questions 12 CHAPTER II – LITERATURE REVIEW 13 2.1 Definitions of Culture 14 2.2 Chinese Culture using Kluckhohn and Fred Strodtbeck Model 14 2.2.1 Relationship with Nature 15 2.2.2 Relationship with People 15 2.2.3 Human Activities 16 2.2.4 Relationship with Time 16 2.2.5 Human Nature 16 2.3 Chinese Culture using Hofstede’s 5-D Model 17 2.3.1 Power Distance 18 2.3.2 Individualism 19 2.3.3 Masculinity / Femininity 19 2.3.4 Uncertainty Avoidance 20 2.3.5 Long term Orientation 21 2.4 Chinese Culture using Trompenaars’ Seven Dimensions Model 22 2.4.1 Universalistic vs. Particularistic Culture 23 2.4.2 Individualistic vs. Collectivistic Culture 23 2.4.3 Neutral vs. Emotional Culture 24 2.4.4 Specific vs. Diffuse 25 2.4.5 Achievement vs. Ascription 25 2.4.6 Sequential vs. Synchronous Time 26 2.4.7 Internal vs. External Control 27 2.5 Hall’s Cultural Dimensions and Chinese Culture 27 2.5.1 Context 28 2.5.2 Space 28 2.5.3 Time 28 2.6 Schwartz’s Cultural Dimensions 29 2.6.1 Conservatism-Autonomy 29 2.6.2 Hierarchy-Egalitarianism 30 2.6.3 Mastery-Harmony 30 2.7 Cross Cultural Differences Influencing Consumer Behavior Patterns 30 2.8 Summary 34 CHAPTER III – RESEARCH METHODOLOGY 35 3.1 Introduction 35 3.2 Justification for Methodology 35 3.2.1 Qualitative Methodology 36 3.2.2 Case Study Research 38 3.2.3 Semi-Structured Interviews 38 3.3 Data Collection Instruments 39 3.3.1 Construct Validity 39 3.3.2 Internal Validity 40 3.3.3 External Validity 41 3.3.4 Reliability 41 3.4 Sources of Data 43 3.5 Administration of Procedures 44 3.6 Ethical Considerations 44 3.7 Summary 44 CHAPTER IV- DATA ANALYSIS and FINDINGS 45 4.1 Findings 45 4.2 Data Analysis 48 4.2.1 Interview 48 4.2.2 Questionnaire Survey 56 4.3 Summary 57 CHAPTER V – ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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