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Corporate Environmental Management - Coursework Example

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Clothing is among the necessities essential in life. Every person must utilize the commodity in his daily endeavors. This paper hence spells out an effective business proposal for introducing a new line of organic clothes in the market
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Corporate Environmental Management
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Download file to see previous pages According to Ochoa 2011 (43), the global clothes supply is to undergo a voluminous growth with about US$ 1,852.7 billion expected out of the industry by 2015. This shows that the industry has a potential of reaping massive incomes. However, according at a market analysis conducted in 2008, the US textiles presented a decrease in sales. Notably, a trend provides a possibility of future deterioration. Initially, naturally produced clothes had a considerable market. However, introduction of cheaper synthetic clothes poses substantial challenges on the customary clothing styles. Traditionally made clothing presents a comparatively higher cost a condition that renders them less competitive in the market. The product faces competition challenges from other clothing products like nylon, polyester, gortex among others. However, synthetic clothes are associated with considerable pollutions in processing processes and as non-degradable wastes (Oakess 2009). Enterprise pollutions are presently, of crucial concerns. Apparently, the world is alert on the impact of pollutions and the need for observing safe and sustainable practices. Perceptible ideas advocated robustly in the current generation are adoption of less materialistic and energy intensive procedures and promotion of environmentally friendly practices. This means business can no more continue with unsafe practices but has to be the solution in solving the present challenges. In fact, sustainable practice is a strong competitive strategy in the current world (North 2007). Organic clothes accounts for these ideas; the clothes will promote concept of naturalization of events since their productions utilizes local ordinary material. Organics are highly degradable meaning that idea addresses the question of pollution substantially. Importantly, synthetic clothes are flooded in the market and competition pressures are stiff. However, minimal organic clothing ventures exists providing the new line with potentials of sourcing sizeable sales. The Product The new product line will provide unique and sustainable clothing. The product will offer variety eco-friendly products extending from heavy to light wears. The products will provide a wide baby and adult assortments. Production will cover common-wares like t-shirts, hats, socks, shirts and other wares. Additionally, the line will provide different coded style specially structured to suit diverse ages. The products will emphasize on quality, durable and sustainable eco-friendly products propagating for the need of healthy clothing. An effective marketing design will observe promotion of a clothing style with a natural taste and one that identifies out of other common styles. Organic clothing will invite a differential idea by providing a highly sustainable model. Synthetic productions flooded in the market are not sustainable (North 2007). Processing of artificial materials for making clothes consumes a lot of energy. Energy is a costly and a limited element hence ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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