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Transformational Leadership Style as a Contributor to Motivation and Organizational Productivity - Research Paper Example

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 The purpose of this research paper is to determine if there is any significant relationship between transformational leadership, employee motivation, and organizational productivity. It adds value to an organization and its ability to achieve its goals and objectives…
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Transformational Leadership Style as a Contributor to Motivation and Organizational Productivity
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Extract of sample "Transformational Leadership Style as a Contributor to Motivation and Organizational Productivity"

Download file to see previous pages The study involved 21 participants from the Hospital who represented both the directors and employees. The participants were picked at random using a stratified random sampling technique to ensure that each category of the target populations was represented. Quantitative data was collected from the 21 participants using questionnaires. The questionnaires had statements relevant to the relationships under investigation. The participants were supposed to agree or disagree with the statements. The quantitative data collected were analyzed using the SPSS software. The analysis provided descriptive and empirical descriptions of the responses. The findings of the study indicate that there is a strong and positive relationship between independent and dependent variables. In addition, the findings indicate that there is a strong relationship between employee motivation and organizational productivity. ... Improving employee motivation through transformational leadership and other strategies will help an organization to increase its productivity to higher levels. Organizations should equip their leaders with the necessary skills and knowledge in transformational leadership to enjoy its benefits. Despite the effects of transformational leadership on employee motivation and productivity, organizations should consider the internal context and the most likely response from employees to avoid negative effects in some parts of an organization. Employees react differently to changes in an organization especially in leadership and thus an abrupt introduction of transformational leadership may lower the level of motivation in some departments. Introduction Many past researchers have explored transformational leadership and thus, several definitions of transformational leadership exist. Hacker and Robert (2003, p. 3) define transformational leadership as “the comprehensive and integrated leadership capacities required of individuals, groups, or organizations to produce transformation as evidenced by the step-functional improvement.” Leadership is an exchange relationship between the leaders and followers and transformational leadership allows leaders to make their followers develop their sense of self-worth. Hacker and Robert (2003, p. 3) define transformational leaders as those who bring about a positive change in their followers and motivate them to do more than they had intended. Transformational leaders will cause their followers to exceed their traditional level of performance. This kind of leadership allows followers to revise their expectations and perform better than what they thought possible (Bass & Riggio, 2006, p. 4). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Transformational leadership encompasses different leadership style in one blend picking only the good attributes. We cannot completely say that transformational leadership is the only workable type of leadership, this is because just as the earlier stated leadership style is highly dependent on the circumstance and situation that is surrounding the incident. Due care must be taken in the choice of adoption of appropriate method or way of leadership. Work cited Burns, J. M. (1978). Leadership. New York: Harper & Row Bass, B. M. (1985). Leadership and performance beyond expectation.New...
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...of these with the associations of motivation and the innovation of the company can create a different set of outcomes and expectations for those within the company. The result will be the ability to develop and understand deeper levels of innovation that come from the human assets of each team and from the development of leaders within the work space. References Alegre, J. 2008. “Assessing the Impact of Organizational Learning Capability on Product Innovation Performance: An Empirical Test.” Technovation 32 (1). Berson, Yair, Louise Nemanich, David Waldman, Benjamin Galvin, Robert Keller. 2006. “Leadership and Organizational Learning: A Multiple Levels...
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...February 2012. Riggio, Ronald E. Ph.D. (2009) Cutting-Edge Leadership; Are You a Transformational Leader? Psychology Today, Sussex Publishers, LLC. Web. 20 February 2012. Cox, Richard (2007) The Transformational Leadership Report. PDF. 20 February 2012. df Bass, Bernard M. (2009). From Transactional to Transformational...
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... Howard Schultz’ Leadership Style Transformational leadership involves broadening the interests of the followers by motivating employees to look beyond their self-interests. It involves setting goals and building commitment amongst the followers to adhere to the objectives set. This kind of leaders is more concerned with the growth of the team. However, this kind of leadership is almost similar to the inspirational leadership in most elements. Participation and engagement of everyone in decision making is very crucial in retaining and attraction of great people4 in business (Ciulla 179-181). People love working for businesses where they feel motivated and greatly inspired. A transformational leader is always inspiring, energetic... ,...
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...Transformational Leadership Total Number of Words: 325 Q What are the key attributes of the transformational style of leadership? Transformationalleadership style is composed of four components known as: (1) charisma or idealized influence, (2) inspirational motivation, (3) intellectual stimulation, and (4) individual consideration (Bass, 1998; Bass & Avolio, 1993). For this reason, transformational leaders are considered as optimistic individuals who are capable of creating a collective vision, ability to communicate organizational vision, and inspire a group of diverse employees to...
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...) and the resulting negative effects this has with regards to the how the transformational leadership theory is dependent on essentially defective presentation of how leadership signs are calculated. The transformational leadership theory is also accused of being an elitist concept. Another criticism that will be highlighted in this paper is that there are flaws in the charismatic argument. The other factor that is of concern is that the measurement criteria is viewed to be ambiguous. Criticisms and arguments against Transformational Leadership Critics of transformational and transactional...
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...from the implications of slow death. Leaders can succeed if they adopt transformational leadership styles for the benefit of their organizations at large. Transformational leadership models focuses on individualized consideration, self-motivation and taking charge of one’s own life, which are the critical elements of active change. Other theories of leadership that are applicable in avoiding slow death include McGregor’s theory X and Y and situational leadership. References Latham, J. R. (2014). Leadership for Quality and Innovation: Challenges, Theories, and a Framework for Future...
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...might need to emulate the approach taken by Linda to ensure he gets the recognition he needs from his subordinates as a leader. Among the identified attributes, include proper communication strategies, engagement of employees, and employee motivation. Bibliography Barbuto,John E.,,Jr 2010, "Motivation and Transactional, Charismatic, and Transformational Leadership: A Test of Antecedents", Journal of Leadership & Organizational Studies, vol. 11, no. 4, pp. 26-40. Boddy D (2008) Management: an introduction 4th ed., Financial Times Prentice Hall Certo S & Certo T (2009) Modern management: concepts and skills 11th ed., Pearson...
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... Transformational LeadershipTransformational leadership involves identifying the need for change and providing the required inspiration to members to actualize that change. A transformational leader has a definite vision for the team members. Paul had a vision for the people in the court on that day he stood to defend himself. He stated that his desire was that "all who are listening to me today may become what I am" (Acts 26:29, New International Version). However, the leader ought to clearly articulate his vision to his to the people. Paul demonstrates excellent communications skills at the court. He starts by motioning his hand as he begins his...
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...of a leader I am. This is a kind of leadership style that believes in building relationships as well as motivating my fellow collogues at work. The motivation works well because we have a vision and mission that we all want to achieve together as a team. Naturally, I am charismatic; I believe that communication is the basis of every relationship that works well. Most of the times I work confidently so that I can inspire my staff, command respect from them in addition to loyalty. Through this, I can show my team that they are very important, and we are all equal no one is above the other. As a leader who believes in transformation style,...
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