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MCCS ( Marine Corps Community Services ) - Research Paper Example

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Marine corps community services Tutor: Date: Marine Corps Community Service was fashioned in 1999. It is the sole organization within the Defense Department that has the mix of the Youth and teenage Programs, Family Services, Morale, Welfare and Recreation, Off Duty Voluntary Education and Marine Corps Exchanges…
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MCCS ( Marine Corps Community Services )
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Download file to see previous pages 20). The MCCS has achieved significant accomplishments since its establishment. Their missions are based on peace models. The war on terrorism is straining their missions and support programs that are majorly built on peace models. This terrorism war is slowing down the MCCS programs. MCCS, therefore, have program assessment that the leaders directly send feedbacks to the MCCS. The MCCs are in constant contact with the marines and their family. This has made the MCCS’ transition on operation and family preparedness better in service provision (Ibp Usa, 2007, p. 264). Radical changes positively affected their strategic planning in their organization. The changes in planning led to the establishment of the MCCS strategy and vision 2025. The broader Marine Corps sees the implementation of the MCCS vision 2025. The vision 2025 document establishes the base of projected operations and points out the steps to achieving the 2025 goals. The documents ensure proper organization, better equipping, training and enhance preparedness to meet future challenges today. The vision shows the values, competence and the principles of the organization (Ibp Usa, 2007, p. 283). Diversity management The Broader Marine Corps family and the Individual Marine supports the Marine Corps Community Services. ...
These values serve as the foundation for moral behavior, professional conduct and behavior of the Marine. Customer values like courtesy, loyalty and responsibility guide the Corps. The Community team takes good care of Marine, their families, they offer them assistance. The Corps is knowledgeable, professional and resourceful. They invest in Marine Corps mission. They handle the health matters of the marine and their families (United States. Dept. of the Army, 2007, p. 45). The Corps are bold, responsible, creative and intelligent. Marine provide a positive experience to every person they serve. They pursue opportunities, ensuring implementation of innovative services. These services provide strategic planning and great operational synergies. They put more efforts on the organizational strong points by bringing in designed polices and resources. This improves the Corps services and delivery programs. They capitalize on human organization dimension. This improves management quality services. They train their workforce to get the skills to deliver quality services (Corps, 2000, p. 5). The Corps have principles that define their beliefs. The Corps derive their mission and their instincts of operation from their beliefs. Different principles, philosophy and the previously mentioned values, define the cultural identity of the Corps. They express what the Corps believe in. the Marine Corps have enduring principle. The marine has the best customer and community services. Every member in the Marine provides quality customer services. These services are unmatched by any other firm. The marine operates freely without restriction from a single domain and takes every operating domain important: social services, recreational programs and retailing service production, are all ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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