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Integrity in Humanistic Organizations - Research Paper Example

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The researcher of this essay explores the issue of integrity in humanistic organization as one that often has multiple meanings and interpretations. It is important to have the different humanistic organizations operate on the principles of integrity. …
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Extract of sample "Integrity in Humanistic Organizations"

Download file to see previous pages This paper can help to understand what a humanistic organization means. The humanistic organizations can therefore are those organizations that are formed and operate on the basis of the interest of the welfare and interest of human beings Integrity can be defined as the adherence by a person or by the organization to a given set of moral principles and character. The term can also be expanded to mean the quality of having a sound moral character and honesty of actions. Integrity also has to do with being free from the influences or motives that are corrupting. This freedom from influences is especially important in the operations of the humanistic organization. Development on the other hand refers to the activities in the organization that are geared towards enhancing or improving the productivity of the people and the various components of an organization. Development also has to do with the activities that are geared towards enhancing the performance or the quality of leadership in an organization. This in turn has the effect of improving the productivity of the said organization. Humanistic organizations are usually carefully planned and the activities that are engaged in are coordinated. The elements or people within an organization usually work under a given set of rules and leadership structure that governs their organization. In defining integrity, there are three aspects that should be considered. These aspects are consistency, relational awareness and inclusion. The consistency aspect has to do with the association between the words and the actions. There should be a consistency between what one says and what one does. The two should be the same. Consistency means that what one says should not be affected by influences from others and should also not be affected by the possibility of personal gain. To be consistent also means that one should adhere to their standards and principles despite the circumstances and despite who is watching (Marchica 40). The aspect of relational awareness means that one is conscious of the different relationships in which they are involved in. this means that the person should have the awareness of one’s identity and how that identity relates to others. The awareness of the relationships that one has with others enables a person to know how to act and react in different circumstances. This connects with the consistency aspect in that integrity means that an individual or an organization must be aware of their identity (this has to do with what an organization is all about) and or their actions (what they should do in different situations). For the humanistic organization, the actions and their mission has to be centered on ensuring the wellbeing of others. The humanistic organization is also centered on ensuring that more potent contributions are made in the workplace (Schneider, Bugental & Pierson 522) The inclusion aspect of integrity means that the organization or the individuals in the organization must be open to the differences that exist between them. Inclusion means that the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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