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This paper addresses the refinement of specialist HR supported functions and preparing the way for cultural Change at ICRC. The strategic importance of achieving cultural diversity within the context of changing global environment cannot be overemphasized…
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Case about the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRG)
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Download file to see previous pages The intention of this study is the ICRC as an international organization that has faced with major global challenges due to the fact that its workforce comes from different cultural backgrounds. The level of cultural change is very minimal and measures need to be taken to improve the situation. If well managed, global diversity can ensure that resources of ICRC are harnessed and transformed into very important asset for the organization. However, this cannot be realized in the absence of a change in the culture of the organization. HR functional practices need to transcend across all departments and be supported with a good culture that encompasses all the needs of its employees. The issues that affect ICRC have been in existence for quite some time now but effective measures have not been undertaken to ensure that they are tackled in the global perspective and the organization is still clouded with origin issues where the Swiss culture seems to play a deciding role in what happens within the headquarters of the organization and without in other foreign missions. There is a general assumption in this study that achieving a global diversity through cultural change is possible if well managed. Certain limitations do exist such as resources to be applied in such a massive restructuring program to meet the objectives of the plan. The refining of specialist HR supported functions is very essential if ICRC has to realize its objectives and this will have to be done through a program which paves the way for a change in culture. Certain key factors for such an ambitious program have been outlined and analyzed. There are critical elements which need to be put into account to enable the organization achieve this course. Conclusion has been drawn putting in mind the key concepts or theories relevant to the subject and these have been related to the evidence as far as the facts are concerned. Recommendations made are in line with the program that has been discussed in the analysis. These recommendations are actually some of the crucial things that need to be done in order to realize the success of this plan. An implementation program has been set to outline the relevant action steps that could be followed in order to meet the target of refining the specialist HR supported functions ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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