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The opening of the thesis report consists of the principles of ethical leadership, manner of handling governmental regulations, and managing organizational change for sustainability. The paper also describes the concept of accounting for sustainability…
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Social Responsibilty:Loonz and Toonz Pvt. Ltd case
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Download file to see previous pages From this research it is clear that a business corporation big or small cannot operate in isolation. Rather it has to depend on several environmental and social variables for continuing its manufacturing and other productive pursuits in order to compete with other related firms. In turn the business corporations in the modern day world are also required to fulfil certain obligations towards the society and environment at large. Such obligatory issues which emerge in respect to the business corporations in fulfilling the duties towards the social and natural environment are clubbed as the concept of corporate social responsibility. The managerial team of the business corporation are entrusted with framing certain policy guidelines in regards to protecting the society and natural environment. Further the assessment of such corporate social responsibility guidelines of the company are undertaken through the use of conducting audits which would reflect the areas where improvement is needed. The above discussion is further analysed in respect to a small business corporation mainly dealing with the manufacture of soft toys located in United States. Being a part of the toy industry the company Loonz and Toonz Pvt. Ltd. located in United States takes significant steps in the direction of producing environmentally safe toys. Care is taken to reduce the use of natural energy resources and extensive use of recyclable materials is suggested for the production of unique soft toys. Similarly healthy and informative packaging techniques are rightly adopted to satisfy both safety and information guidelines. Meeting is held with different stakeholders of the company like retailers and suppliers of raw materials to help the company work in sustaining the natural environment. Though quality materials are involved in the production of the toys yet care is taken in regards to setting the price standards. It is because the toys manufactured are meant not only for the children of the affluent families but also for poor children who eagerly wait for toys in occasions like Christmas. Thus effective communication is carried out to help the poor children get the feel of such toys (Toy Industry Association Inc., 2011). Principles of Ethical Leadership The concept of ethics is held to be a set of guidelines which help an individual or organisation to understand the principles of right or wrong action and thereby take corrective actions in that respect. With the help of ethical guidelines the morality in an individual is instigated to help deliver the right action to the society. In regards to the above discussion the principles of ethical based leadership come into actions which are observed to be mainly five in number. In that the individual or the organisation must have respect towards the work and the society at large. Thus the individual or the concern is required to deliver service as would help in developing the society. Again such individual or organisation is expected to be highly judicial in their actions while operating to meet the social needs. Thus the above statement also requires such individual or concern to be ethically right in their actions and hence must reflect high amount of moral standards. Finally the individual or the concern must also reflect large amount of responsibility towards the community at large. These five principles underlined above encompass the basic principles of an ethically based leadership model (Northouse, 2009, p.378). In regards to the above discussion analysis conducted over the ethical leadership guideline followed by Loonz and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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