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Concepts on Strategic and Quality Management - Dissertation Example

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The succeeding discussions below will detail the evolution of quality mostly observed in manufacturing and service companies. Although manufacturing is different from construction, quality is a major aspect that needs to be implemented in both industries. …
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Concepts on Strategic and Quality Management
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Download file to see previous pages Ireland (1991) states that quality definitions have focused on the satisfaction of customers instead of the efficiency brought about by systems to firms. The necessities of the customers serve as the building blocks that guides firm in creating quality systems. In the situation where the Company involved, the needs of the customers greatly affected the decision to change the inventory system. The company, however, also considered other aspects in devising the proposed scheme. The balance between the needs of the customers and the goals of the Company is essential.
There are some concrete steps that need to be undertaken to ensure that quality is achieved. Kerzner (2003) provided a comparison of experts’ views on guides to meet quality standards. The Company has to instil awareness in the organisation that changes need to be done. Goals have to be set and proper resources have to be pooled to realise these goals. The Company has to ensure that progress of the project is recorded and ample adjustments are made during the course of the implementation. Most important, the Company needs to sustain all the positive effects created by the inventory system and channel these to other weak points.
Project managers usually divide the process into stages so that projects are managed with efficiency. Gray and Larson (2003) stated that the project life cycle gives a framework that identifies the key issues and sources of conflicts. As Evans and Lindsay (1993) suggested, planning is a critical stage of quality management. The first stage of the cycle relates to the conception of projects. The management sets lofty goals that have to be achieved given a period of time. The goals are in line with the inventory targets of the company. After the management has decided for the conceptual guidelines, the next manoeuvre is to incorporate the ideas to all entities in the organisation. The final step in the first stage allows the management to delegate individuals who will be tasked to manage and maintain the project. Quality personnel are selected to ensure that goals are met. Hormozi et al (2000) explained that the development of the project has to produce a master plan. The master plan will detail the manner in which the available resources will be used to make the project succeed. The primary attributes that has to be promoted in this stage are aggressiveness and comprehensiveness. The master plan illustrates the budget and the schedule. Budgeting is important to prevent constraints once the project starts the realisation phase. The schedule reveals the number of days required for the project to be finished and eventually be incorporated with the current production process. The execution covers the performance of the project that requires control (Evans and Lindsay, 1993). Regular monitoring and measuring of performance is advantageous for the project. The control phase also ascertains areas where improvements are needed and the failures of the project. The ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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