Involvement of the Volkswagen Group in Chinese Market - Dissertation Example

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Today’s business world is a competitive one and the companies deal with global issues and global competition. The advent of computers along with new and better technology has made the world a small place and opens the local markets to global companies…
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Involvement of the Volkswagen Group in Chinese Market
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Extract of sample "Involvement of the Volkswagen Group in Chinese Market"

Download file to see previous pages Industries such as information and technology, automobile, fast food, manufacturing, information technology enables services, etc have been majorly influenced by the globalisation. The companies today have realised the fact that sustained growth is only possible when the company focuses not only on the national market but also international market.
The major industry that has been influenced by globalisation is the automobile industry. Automobile industry today is a global industry with the demand for automobiles increasing like never before. There are various reasons for this increase in the demand for automobiles. One reason is the increase in demand for automobiles in the developing countries and countries like China. Chinese and Indian automobile markets have now become the major attraction to many European and American automobile companies. In response to this global demand and also to sustain the growth, major automobile companies have now been concentrating on the emerging markets such as China and India.
This research is aimed at analysing the internationalisation of automobile manufacturers. In order to do so Volkswagen and the Chinese market is taken as an example. Volkswagen’s operations in China have increased rapidly since its first interest in it in the 80’s. This research aims to analyse the involvement of Volkswagen in the Chinese market and how it has affected the sales and in-turn the growth of the company globally. The research analyses the various strategies adopted by Volkswagen and how it has been implemented. It also looks into the result of these strategies on the overall success of the company. Also the Chinese market will be analysed in detail. That is, the reason behind the attractiveness of the Chinese market to the global companies and the advantages and disadvantages of doing business in China. This is a research proposal outlining the aims, objectives, methodology of the research. It addresses the important aspects such as relevance of the research, recipients of the research, rationale, etc. Research Aim, Questions and Objectives Research Aim Aim of any research is to find measurable and testable data or information that adds to the existing human knowledge. Any research must have a specific aim that needs to be accomplished at the end. The primary aim of current research is to analyse the involvement of the Volkswagen group in the Chinese market and relate it to the overall internationalisation of Automobile manufacturers in general. A secondary aim of this research is to understand the Chinese market with respect to automobile manufacturers. In order to accomplish the above aims of the research, there is a need to formulate specific research questions and research objectives that address the various aspects of the research topic. Research Question Research question is the most important aspect of a research proposal as it addresses the core of what the researcher intends to do. Research questions are vital not only for the current research but also for further research as it leads to the formulation of new questions this leads to further investigation and research in the topic (Lester & Lester, 2009). A research question directly indicates if the researcher is on the right track to accomplish the aims of the research. A research question needs to be well formulated keeping the aims of the research. A research question should not be too elaborative or too restrictive. The reason for this is that an elaborative question might not be intriguing as it might turn out to be a explanation rather than a question. On the other hand, if the research question i ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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