Modern and Post-Modern Views of a Great Company - Research Paper Example

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This assignment will include how these perspectives are put into practice in a company and their effects on the organization. Both perspectives are correlated by planning, organizing, influencing, leading and controlling. …
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Modern and Post-Modern Views of a Great Company
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Download file to see previous pages The company selected for this assignment is General Dynamics Information Technology. It is the IT wing of General Dynamics and the world’s 5th largest defense contractor, provides information technology (IT) services, professional services and systems engineering services to customers ranging from federal and state governments, homeland security, defense, health, and commercial sectors. It is also involved in simulation and training with worldwide professionals accounting to approximately 17,000. A trusted name with over 50 years as a pioneer in systems integrator, this company manages large-scale and often mission-critical IT operations and enterprise solutions. The advent of information technology (IT) has resulted in changes in the U.S. military warfare and tactics thereby leading to a transformation in General Dynamics. General Dynamics Information Systems and Technology business segment has four business units and General Dynamics Information Technology is one of them. Earlier General Dynamics was known as provider of tanks, submarines and ships to the Department of Defense. Today General Dynamics leads the market in providing the United States government and its allies with technologies. It also is the market leader in mission-critical information systems. General Dynamics’ largest and fastest growing segment is its Information Systems & Technology group. Worldwide it boasts of employee strength of 91,700 approximately while the headquarters of GDIT is in Fairfax, Virginia. General Dynamics is the market leader in the following:
•information systems and technologies
•shipbuilding and marine systems
•armaments and munitions
•land and expeditionary combat systems
•Business aviation.
It also is the market leader in mission-critical information systems. General Dynamics’ largest and fastest growing segment is its Information Systems & Technology group. Worldwide it boasts of employee strength of 91,700 approximately while the headquarters of GDIT is in Fairfax, Virginia. General Dynamics is the market leader in the following: information systems and technologies shipbuilding and marine systems armaments and munitions land and expeditionary combat systems Business aviation (General Dynamics Information Technology, 2011). John Philip Holland started the parent company of Holland Torpedo Boat Company (parent company of General Dynamics) which was responsible for developing the first submarines of US navy. The company after the acquisition of Canadair in 1946 and its subsequent expansion in aircraft production was then renamed to General Dynamics on 24 April 1952. The U.S. defense conglomerate is the world’s fifth largest defense contractor today. Although the company has now diversified and caters to a much wider variety of commercial businesses, from healthcare to mobile service networks, the company still remains principally a defense contractor, providing services and products to Army, State and Federal Governments. Modern and Post-Modern Theories One major difference between the two theories is their dates of inspiration-Modern 1960-1970 and Post-Modern 1990s (Hatch & Cunliffe, 2006, pg. 6). The modernist feel that you must commit to limitations based on knowledge of our five senses (Hatch &Cunliffe, 2006, pg. 15). It is all in what a modernist call their reality based on the data form their five senses. According to Hatch &Cunliffe (2006) the post-modernist perspective commits to uncovering and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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