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Gender Wage Gap in the United States - Literature review Example

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The purpose of the current literature review is to examine several pieces of research that shed light on the role of gender in wage value in the American labor market. Moreover, the writer will investigate how the gender wage gap is affecting the US economy…
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Extract of sample "Gender Wage Gap in the United States"

Download file to see previous pages The gender pay gap is used to measure the making or earning differences between male and female in salaried service in the industry or labor market or it is the ratio of the median wages of men to the median wages of women, which designates the fraction of the median female wages that the median male wages stand for. When analyzing the participation of the labor market in conditions of men and women, the gender pay gap is one of the indicators used to determine gender discrimination in a country.
US people are facing this severe issue of pay differences due to the difference in the genders. This gender pay gap is not at all digestible because a country like the USA should establish an example of a standard economy with standard practices for the other countries of the world. In 2009, the International Labor Organization (ILO) conducted research named as Global Employment Trends for Females that provides up to date information about the male and female pay gap worldwide. According to human resource managers of some companies in the US, the suppositions about a turndown or raise in the wage gap between females and males depend on the information or data presented and variation in the pay scale and pay administration. According to the ILO report, there is a slow trend to fill the gender pay gap in the US economy. There has also been proof of an increase in the gap between pays of gender in many countries. The wage gap in the United States is also constant and has decreased a little bit slightly. The extent of the difference, as well as estimated inclination towards its advancement or reduction, differs (Alkadry & Tower, 2006).
In some states of the US economy, the unpaid and unofficial work of females is widespread. Thus, there are small-authorized statistics or data available regarding the wage gap. The ILO recognizes the gender wage gap as an internationally constant process or phenomenon: females are paid less as compared to males across many areas and occupations for the same job.    ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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