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Chinese Banking Credit Structure and Its Impacts on the Financing of Chinese Small and Medium Enterprises - Research Paper Example

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This research paper describes the Chinese banking credit structure and its impacts on the financing of Chinese Small and Medium Enterprises. This paper outlines the challenges that SMEs face and enable the government to take appropriate decisions in the interest of the economy…
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Extract of sample "Chinese Banking Credit Structure and Its Impacts on the Financing of Chinese Small and Medium Enterprises"

Download file to see previous pages Generally qualitative and quantitative methods of research are the two methods employed and each method has its own purposes, advantages, and disadvantages. While qualitative data covers a range of material collected from previous research, literature review, case studies, and unstructured interviews, quantitative data is numerical in the form (Jones, 2004). However, knowing about the different research methods is not sufficient. It is important to understand the difference between the two approaches as it allows the researcher to make an informed decision (Knox, 2004). The researcher is also able to take into consideration the constraints of the method of research used and understand the significance of each method knowingly.
Based on two different schools of thought on how research should be conducted, arguments have to be evaluated in different ways because arguments have different roles and purposes. Besides, people assess according to the purpose of their minds. Research can either be quantitative (deductive) or qualitative (inductive). Arguments are important because they provide useful information on how the world functions. Arguments hence can be evaluated in two qualitatively different ways – either in terms of their deductive correctness or in terms of inductive strength (Rips, 2001). Arguments can range from worthless ones to ones to which there can be no doubts raised. If the conclusion is true the arguments are deductively correct. If the premises support its conclusion it is inductively strong. The inductive method focuses on words and observations to describe people in natural situations. According to the deductive approach, generalizations can be made from a set of events in that past and future decisions can be taken accordingly. There is also a great emphasis on numbers representing opinions or concepts. Both methods discussed here have their own strengths and weaknesses which makes the selection of methodology difficult. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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